Friday, November 3, 2017

Checking in for Chooky

 When a bloggy friend sends you a text during History Class and asks if you're OK . . . and that she's missing my posts . . .
 I thought I'd better post, but couldn't believe it had been 6 months since my last post. Just shows how happiness has affected me.
 LOVED my Prunis Elvins this year.  I have stretched to 3 of these trees in my garden and they always blossom on my daughters birthday. No exception this year, and I even had coffee with my daughter on the day. Big milestone!

 Went looking for crocs in Queensland last holidays
 . . . was very excited to see them up close and personal, from the other side of my ZOOM lens!

 Some lazing around has been going on, and some serious gardening, and life in general.  I'm more than OK. Twas nice to be missed.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Tea Anyone?

 A retired friend of mine has joined the Succulent Society.  I have always been interested in them and have told her that when I retire, I will join too!  In the mean time, I've been enjoying finding interesting ones to add to my collection.  Look what my mum surprised me with the other day.  I just love it.  It's one of her special old cups that she had got a hole drilled in the bottom of.
 Yesterday my boy played in a school band at Booktown in Clunes.  It was a lovely trip out in the country and the music was great.  I just can't help pulling the car over, however when I see great pictures like this on the side of the road.
 . . . and with the inclement weather, it was a great afternoon to focus on Sock Making.  I almost nearly have the recipe right.  Lots and lots of trial and error with the knitting machine.  Just have to relax a bit more when I'm casting off!

Monday, May 1, 2017

The Days are getting colder

 I'm not quite ready for Winter yet.  There is always so many jobs in the garden and lots of colour still happening - not just leaves this year but lots of flowers and bulbs too.  I have been busy planting my Spring Bulbs, but still have a few to go in the shed.  I keep finding bags of them that I have tucked away.
 Normally in Autumn I am busy crochering, but I haven't even started yet.  i was excited to purchase some wool from Lucy Lockett Land and am going to cast on some socks tomorrow on my knitting machine.  That is if the weather doesn't look good.
 I have made some new guards around some of my garden beds with corrigated iron edging and used some of my rocks to build up other bed edges.  The black birds in the garden have been annoying me, and kicking up the dust and even dislodging bulbs and little plants.  I've used bits of wire too, to put them off a b it, but they are pretty persistent.  Now my cats are not in the garden they have a new found confidence.

 The Autumn Flush of roses is alwys welcome and I am really making the most of the last ones, picking some for inside.  I have a lot of black spot at the moment even though I've sprayed. 

 My Pink Crinums put on a good show this year.  The best ever - they must finally be comfortable where they are.  There are a few hiding under my hydrangea's that i will need to move in the winter time.  I just have to remember. 
I still do declare that Autumn is my favourite season.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


 Despite there being no blog post in MARCH, there was indeed a lot happening in the world of Flowergardenannie.
 I have been loving my dahlia's and posting them regurlaly on Instragram - it's so quick and unfortunatley has taken away from the lovely blogging world.  That's progress I guess.
 Then on the long weekend my Quilting Group (The Begonia Quilters - check out thier blog too) - held an exhibition in the centre of Ballarat in the old Mining Exchange building.
 These are some of my quilts on display.
 Then when it was all over, I decided to cut up all my old favourite scrap pieces and make 16 blocks and put them together.

 Beautiful Zinnia's too that I grew from seed.

 My baby turned 17

 The belladonna's were magnificent . . .
 . . . and my Ginger Lillies had their best year ever - 2 meters high and lots of them all at once.  The smell was amazing.
 Now hand quilting with Pearl Cotton no.8 and a preview of what's happening outside my back door.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February End

 The end of the second month 2017 already - Still warm here in Ballarat, and thankful for my airconditioner. Also thankful for only working 3 days a week this year.  I am loving it already.  3 days on then 4 days off - I actually get to breathe and am enjoying the quiet times.  I find that I don't put on radio or TV, just enjoy the peace.
 My Gladioli's are all coming out into brilliant bright flowers right outside my back door.  This photo doesn't tell the full story as they are quite magnificent.
 I am quitetly preparing for The Begonia Quilters Exhibition which will be on the long weekend in March.  I am putting sleeves on the back of quilts for hanging and going through my stash getting ready for the Recycle Your Stash stall.  I am hoping to get rid of a lot of my excess stuff.
In between loving my garden of course.  I have some more dahlia's coming out which I'm looking forward to.  I will definitely be planting more of those next year.
Abraham Darby is one of my favourite roses.  2 at my front door.
Goodbye Feb.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Something Finished at Last

 Here is the finished quilt front on.  A little bubble at the bottom, but I'm happy to have finished something, and have a fresh quilt hanging in my living space.
 I uncovered an old one that was waiting for quilting, so I just might do it too while I'm in the mood.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Sewing Room Attack

 I decided it was time . . .
 I went into the sewing room and looked around.  Then I looked around again and just didn't know where to start.  I made a huge mess on the floor, and then thought . . . what next!
 The only logical thing I could think of was - MAKE A QUILT -
So I set about cutting and piecing and quilting and a week later, it was hanging on the wall.  Satisfaction as a distraction.  Now I still have a mess in the sewing room and will need to face it, but I can always walk around the garden instead.

Happy Tuesday