Wednesday, December 31, 2008

SSCS and more . . .

Yes, I was one of the good girls who saved their present until Christmas morning.  In fact I opened it at 6.30am while the children were enjoying their presents from Santa.  I had my own Secret Santa that I was drooling over.  What lovely gifts I received from May Kristen all the way from Norway.  I was even thrilled with the beautiful paper and the little card in another language.  She sent the most beautiful table napkins and some gorgeous tiny cookie cutters.  Oh, and there was yummy chocolate, but that didn't quite make the picture.  In fact it missed out by a long shot and it was certainly d e l i c i o u s ! ! !  The wonderful sewing gift was a lovely RED (my favourite colour) handbag, and a lovely little coin purse.  There is a photo of this further on, as I have mixed up the pictures a little (sorry about that!!)
Just before Christmas, I won a give-a-way from Curlypops!  Of course I was delighted with that too, and my good friend Ric Rac tried to encourage me to put that parcel under the tree as well, and have 2 bloggy presents for Christmas, but I just couldn't quite manage that, and got into it pronto.  Thanks Curly for all the lovely RED sewing goodness.  I loved it!
This picture popped in here out of order is my next holiday project.  That is of course once I have some of my UFO's reigned in!
More Curlypops!
. . . and then yesterday a wonderful surprise from the Post Office.  I had a parcel from Japan!  It was from a student teacher we had at our school a few years ago.  She and I became good friends, and I do still miss her at school.  She sent some lovely little yummies from Japan.  Thank you Yumi xox
Here is the lovely bag and purse from Norway.  The purse clips onto a tie that is connected to the bag.  Brilliant idea!

. . . and my Nellie, who always finds a lovely spot to rest while I am busy in my sewing room.  She has great taste in quilts!!
Happy New Year to you all

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Back from the farm - 201

I hope everyone has had a happy and safe Christmas.  I have been somewhat disconnected from Blogland, on the family farm for a few days, and I apologise for not drawing a winner for my 201st post mystery prize in the flurry of the Christmas rush.
As a result, I have drawn 2 winners, for this prize and they are . . .
Melanie from Jellybeanangel, and Guorun (Snoopy) from Iceland.  If you 2 could send me your address via email, I will post off a mystery package in the next few days.  Thanks to all who read my ramblings and share my love of the beauty in flowers.
Later today, I will post about my SSCS.  I was thrilled with my package, but didn't have any room left on my camera to photograph with my 2 sisters beautiful gardens and of course my mothers as well.  Thank you May Kristen.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Holidays are here . . .

Beginning to feel like Christmas and holidays here - finally!
The garden is blooming away, and I am looking forward to spending a lot more time playing in it and tending my precious plants.
Lots and lots of seed pods from the poppies.  I promised someone from Central Victoria some Hollyhock seeds, but have lost the address, so if it's you and you're reading, please re-send the email as I have the package here to send.

In the midst of school finishing up and all the hurry hurry rush rush, I have inadvertantly missed my 200th post celebration.  As this is my 201st post, I will be having a give away of a mystery parcel.  Leave a comment and I will draw a winner B4 Christmas.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Upholsterers Gallery

I'm so lucky to have a friend at school that "inspires" me!  Today Ric Rac and I went out for a coffee at lunch time, to our favourite little place in Ballarat.
We order our coffee and then check out all the gorgeous things in the shop, drink our coffee talking ten to the dozen, and then continue checking everything out.  It is the most beautiful shop in Ballarat.

I was lucky to have my red quilt displayed in her Christmas window display.  The owner is a parent from our school, so we know her quite well.

oh, and seeing as I didn't make a report writing quilt this time around, I have been making up for it with a bit of night sewing.

Count down is on for holidays.  3 days to go.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cushions and Aprons

Another Dick and Jane apron order completed.
Did I tell you these cushions were mainly made from Christmas Tea Towels?  They look good with the inserts in them.
This was a frilly poppy I saw at Sovereign Hill on Friday with a school excursion.  I was wishing the seed pods had formed so I could sneak a seed.  I've not seen this one before but it was just beautiful.
These little fushia's are at my front door and they are real darlings.
Who's the lovely lady in Central Victoria that I promised some hollyhock seeds to???  I have accidently lost the address.  Please email me again, so I can post off some seeds.
. . . and so I head into the last school week for the year.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Some Christmas sewing

. . . beautiful pink lillies this week
. . . and after about 10 years of nurturing this cactus, it has rewarded me with this lovely flower, and about 3 or 4 more buds coming

My little Peter has been doing some paper folding with the Better Homes and Gardens magazines.

. . . and some Christmas Cushions for my very good parent helpers this year
more sewing later tonight

Sunday, December 7, 2008

A big weekend

.  .  .  a lot of the time,
surprise surprise, I found myself in .  .  .  
my garden.  I did manage however, a Shopping Trip with teacher friends to Melbourne.  We hired a little bus, and off we went to the "big shops" for a day out.  I bought myself a new doona cover, take a look below.  Everyone said "oh you could have made that Annie!!"  but it was 'kinda nice' just to buy something special in the style that I love and the velvet bits exactly match my curtains.  I was very happy to tuck up under it last night.
I did do a 'spot' of sewing on Friday night .  .  .
BTW if you want a great tutorial on how to make these little beauties, visit Our Shabby Cottage, as I understood these instructions really well, which is saying something, as I am usually HOPELESS with instructions.  
.  .  .  but the rest of the time was spent in the garden.