Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Monkey Madness

Despite 40 degree heat, I have survived my first day back at school
The Principal LOVED the quilt which I finished at 11.30 last night!!
. . . and these 3 little monkeys are what my children spent making on my last day at home with them.  I thought they reflected their personalities quite well. . . even the sizes matched.

The children won't be back at school until Monday, so it will be nice to just be at school and catch up with all my friends, oh, and do some P.D. (Professional Development), and get ready for the onslaught of Term 1 2009.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

. . . a last Hurrah!!

One thing I REALLY wanted to do in the holidays, was take the children to Melbourne on the train, and go to the Museum.  Last Sunday, we did it.  I just wanted them to get away from the "screen" and see other things in the world.  Look at this fantastic tree we found.  Unfortunately while we were busy taking photos of the tree, we missed the others when they turned off, and ended up doing a lap of the entire museum to finally find the front door.  

. . . and all I need to do now is the binding on this quilt.  Hoping to have it finished to take to school tomorrow.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Biston Betularia

"Dainty Bess"
For those who were wondering, this fab head band tutorial is from kcquilts.  I have used it before and return to it again and again.  Easy Peasy and quick to make.
.  .  .  AND, I put the question "out there" yesterday about these little blighters, and BINGO!  Someone sent me the answer.  Thanks Melanie!  You are so clever.  I have done a search and am sure she is right.  It is a Peppered Moth - Biston Betularia.  I have caught more of them this morning nibbling on my plants.
It's been dreadfully hot here and strong winds have done some damage, however, we had a calm day yesterday and the roses were happy.  They are such strong survivors in the heat and dry, and just SO beautiful.
"Burgandy Ice"
"Double Delight"
.  .  .  and "Dearest"

Friday, January 23, 2009

"My Nellie" - I do love her.  It's been lovely being home with her in the holidays.  She has been my mate in the garden and my mate in the sewing room.  She is good company.
Miss Flowergarden wanted to get in on the act with some sewing, so she decided a new headband was in order.  We stayed up late, and finished the job.  This morning it went straight on her head.
Reversible of course . . . 
. . . and then the text came in of a first Grandchild for our School Principal
into the stash I went hunting again . . .
and cut cut, sew sew, and a new baby quilt was underway.
Does anyone know what these little caterpillars are called?  They look like sticks, and I have been picking them off my plants constantly.  They sort of stick up in the air, and nibble from the bottom.
. . . and finally I have Abraham Darby flowering in my garden.  A thing of beauty!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A little bit of Heaven

The weekend just passed, was my annual slice of quilters paradise.
The quilting group I belong to, books The Miners Church which is a B&B in Scotchmans Lead, just outside of Ballarat, one weekend a year each January.
It is a quaint little hideaway, where all our needs are met - beautiful grounds, an old school house that we convert into a sewing room, comfortable beds, a kitchen, books to read and the peace and tranquilty that all mums need at this stage of the holidays!!!

There is even a tram appartment at the back of the garden that is privately rented.

On one of the nights, Doug and Julie (the friendly hosts) cook our pizza's in their wonderful Wood Fire Pizza Oven in the garden.  They are DELICIOUS!

There was lots of sewing done, and in fact it was a hive of industry in the old school house.

This is the school house from the outside, so you can see we had plenty of room.

Inside the school house . . . 

This is the old church which has been lovingly created into a home where the hosts used to live.  They have since built a new home behind which is equally as beautiful.
I would highly recommend this to any quilting group, or indeed families.  A fantastic place to rest and relax, and indeed get some sewing done!
Thanks Julie and Doug for another lovely weekend away.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Attacking the stash, and just a tiny bit of new stuff...

Left over from my red quilt, I have found enough squares to make up another quilt using green sashing this time, for my very special friend Brenda!
This "birdy" fabric from Ballarat Patchwork was just irresistable . . . 
White Aggies coming out in my garden,
and this beautiful Cosmos bud . . .

a Clematis flower, and a lovely pink rose from a garden in Melbourne.

psssssst, there's a lovely fabric sale 30% off at Provincial Patch until 31st January, hop on over and take a look  I bought some beautiful green fabric and the service was excellent.