Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year Approaches

Some more Table Runner LOVE
Cosmo Cricket
Here is my lovely gift I received from May Britt in Norway
It was the first gift I opened, and was thrilled to recieve something so special from the other side of the world. 
This lovely donut pincushion was in the bag too.  I just LOVE pincushions!
I have already tested this one out and I love it.
This is Master Flowergarden's Canary (Su-Lee).  She sat on this nest before Christmas, and the result . . .
. . . was this lovely baby (at the back) which he named Su-Lee Junior!
Su-Lee is back on the nest again, and we think the next baby will be called NOEL!
. . . and on the EVE of a brand new year 2012, we have had some very exciting news in our garden this afternoon.  The birth of Chick Chick Eve.  We have been watching our Clucky Hen Elizabeth, for what seems a VERY LONG time now, and today, she had some wonderful success for all her hot hot sitting.
Happy Christmas to one and all, and a very
Happy New Year
from all in our
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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A garden walk before Christmas

Cosmos coming again - love 'em
My budlia in full glory in the corner of my garden
I am loving the Hollyhocks this year.  I have a few different colours and they are just so pretty
Lots of lovely blue with the "Aggies"
A place for all flowers in my garden
My birdies are giving me lots of pleasure
A baby canary no less!

A view through my Canadian Maple
Good old climbing geraniums on the fence. 
. . . and a Christmas Lilly from my sister Jayne a couple of years ago, and now flowering right on queue for Christmas - 3 flowers for 3 girls in the family
And for my Mum, a Christmas Table Runner
Hope you like it Mum

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

"Love in the Pots"

Last weekend, I had a lovely time, a busy time, with the Main Road Market in Ballarat.

My sister travelled down from Mildura, to join me on my stall called:
Love in the Pots
I've spent ALL week looking for the photos that I thought I'd accidently deleted.
We had lots and lots of plants,
Olive Oil, fresh from the farm,
Home made Lemon Cordial,
Garden Cards,
and lots more


Miss Flowergarden was a brilliant help on the day, and was a real "stayer"

"and the money kept rolling in . . . "
Thanks for coming Fiona, and for your support -
It was great to do a market together

. . . and the load was a lot lighter on the way home.  The weather was great, the crowd was strong and steady, and it was a great day.

I think it's beginning to look a "bit" like Christmas,
but I'm nowhere near up to it yet.  Still 4 days of school to go.  Looking forward to holidays soon.
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Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Secret Santa has been to Ballarat Australia
It was such a secret, I have no idea who it is . . .
but I do know it comes from Norway

I just love them - 5 little crotched Christmas Hearts to hang on my tree

Thank you Secret Santa

I'm looking forward to my next parcel on
Christmas Day

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