Thursday, October 31, 2013

I promise - BLOGTOBERFEST Final Post

I promise this is the last photo I will show of my toe, but it's the final day of Blogtoberfest, and I have pretty slim pickin's for pictures.
Now my stitches are out, I can put a bit of pressure on, but not too much.  Still sore, but I managed to pull out a small bunch of weeds today in my poor garden.
I'm back to school on Monday (with crutches) and it will be all systems go.
I've enjoyed this down time and will try hard to pace myself a bit more and not get overcommitted once I get back into action againl.
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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Stitches Out Today

I nearly fainted when I saw it, but the stitches came out today, and I have a little hard shoe to wear.  Doctor very pleased with his work.  Still a bit swollen, but doing well.  I'm allowed to put weight on it for 2 hours a day this week, then 3 the next and so on.  Another appointment in 5 weeks with an X-Ray and I should be as good as new.
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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Garden Hop

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Monday, October 28, 2013

All Aboard - 16 year old Pirates on The Fallen Mermaid

Yes, despite the fact that I can't walk, cook, do anything really, Miss Flowergarden decided to host her own 16th Birthday Party on Sunday.
As she has a secret desire to BE a pirate when she grows up (a good pirate she tells me), she had a full-on Pirate Party.  Invitations rolled up in a bottle - treasure maps before being able to enter the ship (house) The Fallen Mermaid. Then more instructions to make eye patches, and find treasure in the back garden.  Mr Flowergarden went fishing off the ship, and brought home Fish and Chips for thier meal, and Master Flowergarden 13 made the Pirate Ship cake.  All in all, a wonderful success.  She had warned her shipmates that no-one was to board the ship without costumes, so all guests were dressed as PIRATES.  Some of the parents who came to pick up thier Pirates, couldn't believe that a bunch of 16 year olds had been able to have so much fun with a simple party, with games and making and cryptic clues.  Everyone was happy.

Then today I had a visit from a little friend of mine . . .
. . . and his mother of course.  As I don't have any neices or nephews of my own, I have adopted this little fellow from around the corner.  He is a delight and has made my day. 

Now for some happy Birdy News - this is one of the babies.  There is another one the same size, but it was on the highest perch, so I couldn't take a photo.

Here's another baby - very small, but growing each day.

. . . and another - there are 2 of these the same size: nice little brown ones like thier mother.

This is the mother (Splodge, we call her) of the 2 BIG babies and she has already laid some more eggs, flushed with her success.
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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Day 27 Blogtoberfest - Day 13 Sore Toe

With a bit of help from my flowergarden children, I have roughed out my No.3 for one of my Quilts for the Exhibition next year with the theme 3.

. . . and while bedridden, I recieved a lovely Liberty parcel from Rachael at Freckle & Co.

Day 12 of Sore Toe, saw me enter Wheel Chair status,  (thanks to my friend) and attend 3 Open Gardens in town.  It was LOVELY to get out for awhile.

There was some amazing Glass Art in one of the gardens by
James McMurtrie

Both Pussy Cats are loving me being on the "go slow" mode and soaking up the love and lazy days.  One more week to go, and then it will be back to work -
albeit on crutches!
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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Stormy Weather

Unfortuatley stormy weather is not good for baby birds.
This little one abandoned her eggs first time around, and this is her second sitting.  I have seen little babies under her though, so all is good here.

Do you see Cassey up in this red box.  Canaries don't usually like being in a box, preferring an open nest, but her first lot of 3 babies, who where our first out to hatch this season, were abandoned in the last big storm we had a few weeks agao.  Finally she has decided to try again, but in a more stable apartment.

This little nest below was sort of out of the way a bit, and as we couldn't keep a constant eye on it, babies were hatched and I'm sure there is a couple of big ones in there.

I'm very sad to report that this is the nest of the beautiful white canary, who had 4 little white babies.  The storm the other night has seen the end to them, however, she still sits on them.  Hoping but not confident about this nest.

On a brighter note, this is the view from my bed.  A friend came yesterday and lifted up my terraline curtains - and the view was much brighter.

I have a visitors chair that is being put to good use, and my toe is slowly recovering.  I am VERY careful on my once a day hop around the back yard not to fall face down in a flower pot . . . hmmmm
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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Sneaky Hoppy Peak

I literally HOPPED into the bath this morning, and it felt SO good.
After that, I hopped to my back door and took a sneaky peak . . .

How can I be missing all this beauty!

So much promise of more to come, so I will practise (or is that test)
 my patience.

I loved what I saw . . .

. . . and then to the side door to see this.

One of my garden Angels is watching over it for me . . . can you see her?

Oh, and this . . . THIS . . . is the newest School Garden Bed that we put together the Friday before my toe operation. 26 bales of pea straw and half a meter of soil . . . oh, and a few plants from my home nursery.  Looks good doesn't it! The children loved helping make it, and were thrilled with the result.

Now "GET BETTER TOE!" so I can get back and do some more!!
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