Saturday, October 19, 2013

Blogtoberfest Day 19

Yesterday I had a LOVELY visitor who brought me these luscious lilacs.

I have them positioned just where I can see them from my "sore toe bed"

Also a great day for mail.  I recently joined Jellywares Spring Washer Swap.  It appealed to me because of my interest in crotchet, and also you had to add some vegi seeds, so it was right up my alley.

This was my exciting parcel from Zara - Thank you Zara, it was lovely to recieve your beautifully presented letter, from envelope, to tag, to contents: a real pleasure.

Then . . . then . . . the doorbell rang and in came this lovely bouquet of flowers with lovely Daisies, from my good bloggy friend Daisychain.  What a lovely surprise that was!  All the way from South Australia.  I do love my bloggy friends.  They are sitting right up next the my luscious lilacs, and I feel totally spoilt and feeling like I'm in hospital now, with my ensuite and my view, and my visitors and my flowers.  Thanks everyone.

This is a side shot of the quilt I was talking about yesterday.

. . . and this is my "constant companion"
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Muddling Through said...

I am so glad you're being spoiled, Annie! You deserve it, so relax and enjoy it while it lasts.

Jan said...

What lovely flowers, Annie. Enjoy the rest; I'll come and visit on Monday; just email me with a time that suits you and anything you'd like me to bring. So glad the sun is shining; hope you get to enjoy some of it. xx

Leanne said...

You deserve all those lovely treats. Take care.


Preciosas fotografías, bss

Sue said...

Annie, it is always a joy to chat to you, I just wish it had been a week earlier with the Lilacs as they are starting to brown a little. Daisychain's flowers were gorgeous, even the paper they came in was beautiful, I know you will do something crafty with that!

Quiltedtime said...

I hope you continue to get better with each passing day. What a sweet kitty you have! They can be so comforting and loyal when they know their mistress in under the weather.

Jenny said...

Glad you are being spoilt and that your have your lovely pussycat who is keeping her pussycat eye on you. Love the dish cloths. hope that toe is feeling better. Those lilies are lovely too

Jenny said...

I mean lilacs! I bet they smell gorgeous

WJB said...

I/m glad that Nellie is keeping you company annie she will miss you when you go back to work.