Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Zinnia Love Fest

I just can't help myself with my Zinnia's.
Everytime I go out into the garden, there they are, with thier beautiful bright colours, and many petals.  I thought in this bud form, it looked like little teeth (probably because I was supposed to go to the Dentist today)
Below is the bud of my Gallipolli Heath - puple flowers everywhere in that spot.  They are quite rampant, and I happiliy pulled up a root of it for my neighbour to share with her last week.
More Zinnia Joy


. . . and still a few Cosmos blooming, which are just spectacular.  They are so simple and seem so plain, but I think they are so special.
Easy to grow
Free with thier seeding
and come back each year like a good friend.
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Friday, February 17, 2012

Some Sewing

I was thinking that I hadn't put any sewing on my blog for awhile.  It's not that I haven't been doing any, but it's been a bit on the quiet side in my sewing room lately.  I have been managing some hand quilting with the odd TV show
The more I quilt this one, the softer it gets and the more I am loving it.
Some quilts just have to be "OFM"
Only For Me
You may remember it from all my scraps on the floor last year.

I did manage to finally finish my "boxes" quilt, and even hang it up, in pride of place in our lounge room - right above where I sit on the couch.
I love it too!
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(I'm sure I have Quilt Addiction)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Meet Lucille
Meet Billy
Billy and Lucille, the cockateils . . . Master Flowergarden 11's newest friends
 in our garden
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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cosmos Beauty
Love the sun on them in the morning
This is my newest Hollyhock.
It's actually frilly inside.  I'll have to take another photo to show you.
I love the dark dark red
This is Jude the Obscure - a magnificent thing of beauty.  We had a tiny bit of rain which was most welcome by all my plants.
This is Voodoo
I've been working on this with Confidore, as something has been eating it.
It's looking a lot better.
Nothing like some tender loving care.
. . . and YES, these are Zinnias.  I think they're great  I've really been enjoying them - such interesting and colourful flowers.  I raised these from tiny seeds.  A great sense of satisfaction.
Now for the first day of school - 3 children at 3 different schools this year.
We've started with a "bang"
Yr 12, Yr 9, Yr 6
And some summertime petunias, you just can't beat 'em!
Aren't these lovely with the little white petticoats.
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Sunday, February 5, 2012


Well, the school year has begun.  As of tomorrow, we will all be returning to some kind of routine, giving the feeling that the new year has started for real.  It was a staggered return last week, and then this weekend, the last minute getting of books, and school ties, and bucket hats.
I am realising more and more, that it's the beauty in my garden that calms my nerves.
I had an urge to take photographs of flowers in the last few days, as my head fills up with school and appointments, and lessons to plan.
I feel very lucky, and grateful that I have this passion in my soul.
A few steps outside either my front or back door, takes my head space to a completely different planet.
This year I am trying to simplify my life a little.
Just a little . . . as I only take small steps, and slowly,
but I'm going to try.
I'm starting with all the little piles of papers ALL around the house
LOOK OUT! I'm on a mission!
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