Wednesday, January 30, 2008

School's In

What better activity on the lucky last day of school holidays than to make (Melly&Me) monkeys with my friend. We didn't quite get finished even though we went past beer'o'clock and then she and kids stayed for dinner. Poor little monkey's are legless and armless and I have been too tired at night to finish them off. I have promised to do so at the weekend
A bit of blogging - a bit of garden - a bit of monkeying around in the sewing room!

And then these georgous cactus flowers. I just love them!

Monday, January 28, 2008


My worst fear came true during the holidays. Last holidays we were ridden with Chickenpox, and this year... my 12 year old son, who has Aspergers Syndrome and doesn't like anyone touching his hair, combing his hair, cutting his hair, washing his hair or even talking about his hair, was discovered with a Tokyo City sized colony of nits and head lice in his enormous mop that he loved, on top of his head. Believe me, there were "tears before bedtime" that night. The good news however, is that they seem to be gone now, and I have been able to give him some type of haircut and he looks quite respectable for going into his first year of High School THIS WEDNESDAY ... this also scares me!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

finally ... some sewing

Nothing like the last minute - going to a BBQ tomorrow to meet my cousin's first grandchild. The first baby in the next generation. She was born in October, and I have been wondering what to make, and found this lovely touchy feely pattern at Ballarat Patchwork last week and as soon as I saw it, I knew it was "just right." It was nice to hear my machine humming again and I am thrilled with the result. I couldn't help myself and also bought a very cute little horsey rattle squeaky thing. I'm looking forward to meeting Baby Jayde!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Sunflower Joy

Over the last week, I have taken great pleasure and delight in wathching this magnificent sunflower open up to the world. They are truely amazing flowers and so so happy to have around the place. Just as an aside, I didn't actually plant it!!! It just popped up outside the chook fence.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

From Chick Chick to Chook Chook

In a matter of a few short weeks - our little baby chicken is almost as big as the big girls. She has made a friend with one particular one, and they others are no longer giving her a hard time. It was difficult to watch, but the pecking order has played out.
She still enjoys a little cuddle now and then.
It's been fun to watch her grow and great for the kids. Peter in particular has enjoyed taking a keen interest and the funny thing is, that it's his other chook "Francis" that has become Chick Chick's friend.

Monday, January 21, 2008

This is my favourite cup

This is ... my favourite cup

Thought it would be fun to join the This is thought up by Three Buttons.

My favourite cousin gave it to me for my 40th birthday and I love it!Posted by Picasa

Friday, January 18, 2008

The $20 Challenge

Well my New Year's Eve opened a can of worms! We were out with another couple and when my friend asked about "resolutions" for the year, my husband decided to raise the bar, and make things a bit interesting. Most people would just say, let's meet up for coffee once a month and catch up - but no, Mr Flowergarden put the challenge out there - the $20 Challenge. He said, what about we each start with $20 and meet up next New Year's Eve - during the year we will meet once per month (with coffee and cake!!) and discuss our plans, but whoever makes the most from thier twenty (using thier talents) is the winner. My mind started ticking away ... I have made some cards from my flower photos and am going to send them up to a Nursery/Gift shop where my mum and dad live. I'll see how they go there.
I also made some pincushions. Really don't have a clue about selling stuff, so any ideas would be greatfully received. As you can see, the competitive streak has come out and I want to be the winner. I liked the cards, I hope others do too. A nice interlude this week when my dear friend Brenda and her daughter Dani came for a visit. A few months ago I helped her put this quilt together and she has gone away and done all the hand sewing and quilting. We got busy and put the binding on for her between dinner, wine and lots of chatter.
A little trip to Ric Rac's for lunch the next day which was lovely to share my friend and Ric Rac made the most delicious cake for sweets. Looking forward to my craft weekend away this weekend and our inaugrual Quilt Swap.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Back from the Hot Hot place

Back home from holidays and still on holidays!!! A wonderful feeling. My mother's roses were not faring so well in the blazing heat. Boy was it hot up there....oppressive!

She saw me take my camera out into the garden and said "you wont find anything to take of photo of out there dear!" I was pleased to find this white begonia.

There were lots of these fellas on the deck in pots and they all looked great. I have a collection of them at home too.

After 10 or so years of retirement, my dear old dad has finally started tidying up his shed and is making way for some wood turning. It was good to see the shed with tools in place. His old friend Lass the dog is a good and faithful mate.
On the 46 degree day, the kids spotted this kookaburra out at the bird bath having a big drink. He was quite happy for me to take his photo.
The kids had a ball on the farm, racing each other each morning to get up and help my sister with all her farm chores.
I was happy to come home to a cooler climate and put a jumper on the evenings, but going away has made it feel like a real holiday. I did lots of handquilting in one of mum's recliner chairs.

Monday, January 7, 2008

...more Holiday Crafting, and then some travelling NORTH

With some encouragement from Ric Rac (thanks Jodie) my daughter Sarah got busy and made these lovely felt clothes . . . just for fun! She and I were beavering away on seperate projects and I told her that one of my fondest memories as a child, was working in the garden with my mum - not at the same tasks, but just doing similar things together, at the same time. I love these special times we share - she and I.

Despite the dreadful continuous heat and hot winds, I managed to find some beauty in my front garden this evening. I am heading off on a holiday, and wont be able to keep the usual sharp eye on my little plants. I hope they will be OK. I do so love them . . .

Lots of my hollyhocks are coming up in cracks in the footpath from seeds of last year, so no doubt they will survive. I am packing some projects to take away with me, so am hoping to get some hand quilting done and just a little school work in there somewhere. The holidays are slipping away. I am looking forward to an annual Crafters Retreat Weekend Away on 19/20th of January at a quiet little B&B in the country side, not far from home. Our craft group went here last year, and just had to return.
Happy week to you all -


Sunday, January 6, 2008

Holiday Crafting - Eco gab

I always like to encourage my children to "get crafty" so when Barking Mad gave my little Peter a pile of books last week, he went through them, and decided to make the Eco bag! We found an old calico bag in the cupboard and then some scraps, but being just a little 'am-pid-ec-strous', I often get the vlisoflix thing backwards!!!!! ooooops ... We thought it still looked good and he was wrapped with it and proud of his efforts (as was I) - he's going to use it very proudly for his library bag this year in Grade 2!

With my current cushion theme, Mr Flower garden got this one for his birthday as he keeps pinching mine in the lounge room at nights while we are watching TV. He was very happy with it and is being used which is lovely to see. Thanks for all the well wishes for his birthday . . .
This little dollie found her way into Sue's bag at our Tote Tute the other day. I could see by the look on her face, that she really wanted to go and live with Sue and all her other toys, (check them out here), so I bid her farewell and gave her, her wish.
Is that "white - negative" space I can see there????? Just a few things to still take to: school, the shed, etc. but 100% on what is was.
And then a Crafting Day! I've always wanted learn the art of Totes - so Ric Rac, Barking Mad and I spent the afternoon with our Sewing machines poised and step by step we made our bags. Even my 10 yr old daughter joined in the fun and followed the instructions. We had a great afternoon and I think "birthing the bags" was the most excitning part. Thanks Jodie!

Jodie currently has her green one (shhhh) for a Give A Way on her blog - quick, hurry!