Sunday, April 26, 2009

My New Bag

Here is my new bag that I made with the help and guidance from Mrs Ric Rac.  Thanks Jodie, I am just "in love" with my new "hands free" pocket adourned bag
. . . and here is my new Rose Garden

Monday, April 20, 2009

. . . another Riley

After 3 years of living in our new house, I have finally met a kindred spirit who loves to garden.  I have a gardening neighbour.  This rose above is from her lovely garden.
Mr Flowergarden bought himself a new toy.  I tried to photograph it including some flowers.  Despite it's dusty decrepid exterior, it is something that will keep him busy and happy while I potter in the garden and create in my sewing room
I might just point out that he already has one in his garage that he tootles around town in on the weekends.
Back to school today and on the web of school life for the next 10 weeks.  I'll try and keep it all in perspective.

Friday, April 17, 2009

I've got mail, and a crazy crafty garden

The gorgeous Calidore from Swan Hill, sent me this lovely scarf, and very special post card.  Wasn't I lucky!!  I will be wearing that to school Catherine, THANK YOU!
. . . and then all the way from the UK came this lovely plump chicken with 4 little chicks, right on Easter time.  Thanks Melanie, and a lovely letter too.  Great week for post . . .
I even got an old fashioned "snail mail" letter from my mum, and a neck warmer/headband that she had knitted me.  It was on the table somewhere - it was pretty messy up there B4 I had a tidy up today.  In the middle of all the industrious tidy up of the sewing room, I snuck out the front and decided to make my new rose garden.  I had such success with my new garden bed out the back last week, that I thought I should keep up the momentum.
Does this look like a crafty garden or what!  . . . hmmm I will post an "after" shot, as it looks fantastic all planted up.  I'm sure the neighbours thought - "what is that eccentric woman over the road up to now??"
Yesterday I had an afternoon out sewing with a friend who taught me how to do these
I was very proud of myself.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Brilliant Binding

Remember this binding I received from 
. . . well I made another Mini Quilt  
. . . summer holidays by the beach - summer 2009 - Point Lonsdale
thanks Julie, it is brilliant binding and yes, it did feel a bit like cheating . . . 

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Strip Quilt

After our first attempt a couple of years ago and some success with a few members actually "finishing" their quilts, our quilting group has decided to do another Friendship Quilt.
This time we are doing strips, and the handover is tonight.  As usual, I work best under pressure, so finished mine at 11 last night!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Autumn Flush

With a few showers of rain, the garden is not yet damp, but much more relaxed.
This is my Medlar Tree, full of golden fruits.
, , , and all the roses are having a final flush B4 Winter time comes.

Some lovely post from England.   A little blogging book from Picciolo.  I love it, Thanks Jane!

. . . and my "babel fish giant pin cushion" from Ric Rac