Tuesday, March 3, 2015


 I've been blogging for awhile now, and have had the pleasure to meet up with a lot of these virtual friends.
 Such great, like minded people . . .
 One of these lovely ladies is non other than
 A month or so ago, I got a lovely email, asking for my address, because she wanted to send me some bulbs she had been dividing.
 A few days later a lovely parcel arrived full of plump juicy bulbs - all named and wrapped and still damp from the earth.
 I put them in the ground and the most wonderful thing happened ...

Thank you Bloom - further updates as it comes out

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Little Ted

 This is Little Ted, who tucks up with me each night. 
 He is quite cosy in there, and I took the photo to show one of my Grade 6 boys who was telling me that he tucked up with his ted every night.  I think he was surprised that I did too.
 This is Master Flowergarden 14 and Miss Flowergarden 17 heading off to school in all their finery.
 I'm so happy they can go off together this year, and love seeing them carrying instruments to make wonderful music.
 In my sewing room, I am slowly working on my Liberty Quilt Mini Log Cabins.  It's almost like a watercolour with all the beautiful prints melting into one another.
 I really must stop taking these pictures from my car window....but it's such a wonderful sight for my eyes. 
 Then at MY school, it's all about Data Collection and Feedback.
 OK!  That's enough now
Mid Term Busy with lots of information RUSHING through my mind.  Would much prefer to be

Saturday, February 21, 2015

For such a short time

While I was getting dressed and ready for school the other morning, I was lucky enough to witness this Papava Poppy waking up. 
 It had some Icelands there ready to play with, so that was encouraging.  This is the first time I've had round 2 with my poppies, and it's been a delight.
 The beautiful morning sun was distracting me as it was catching the petals and plants so deliciously.

 I'm sure I was opening before my very eyes.

 Duty called, however and I couldn't quite wait long enough . . .
 But when I got home in the afternoon, I was welcomed with this.

. . . and then this morning, this . . . 
Such beauty and wonder, for such a short time.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Chickens in my Garden

 I had the pleasure to meet up with some bloggers on Sunday and Frogdancer said to me: "Why don't you post a chicken?"
 So here are the Chickens in my Garden.  Since my brush with Salmonella the year before last - I have had trouble eating eggs, and looking at live chickens.  But I still like them in my garden and I've found these alternatives.

 For Christmas I got given 2 chickens for a mission somewhere overseas, so I put them in my chicken yard...but they are not so good at keeping down the weeds.
 This is a new rose someone gave me.  It's funny, as I'd never have chosen one like this myself, but it's actually been giving me quite a lot of pleasure.  It's quite remarkable and I'm growing quite fond of it.
 This is Hannah Gordon.  It was a pot luck rose for $5 at the nursery a few years back and I've been able to identify it through books and looking at the nurseries.
 I'm getting my Liberty on, in the sewing room.
 Teeny tiny log cabins.  They have to be small as the fabric is SO expensive, but beautiful.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Pussy Cat

A couple of weeks ago, I told my Pussy Cat that I bought her a plant.  It was a Fuchsia called Pussy Cat.  I couldn't refuse it, even though I didn't know what the flower looked like.  It had plenty of buds, so I have been patiently waiting for it to flower.  So here it is . . . Pussy Cat

 Beautiful Summer roses in my friend's garden.
 . . . and my happy petunia pot!

 With special stove paint, I blackened the pot belly - it looks great and I'm looking forward to toasting some marshmallows one of these days.
 After adding some chicken manure to some pots, these snapdragons sprang to life.  I guess some food was what they needed.  They are really fancy ones I planted some other year and didn't think they would come back.

 This is a nice succulent I have in a pot that always looks good and is easy to strike.  It caught my eye tonight when I was taking photos.
Last day of Summer Holidays tomorrow!  NO APPOINTMENTS being made - just "chilling" as the kids would say, and getting my head in a space that is ready to head back to work after a brilliant holiday AT HOME.