Friday, May 27, 2016

A soft Landing

 The problem with not writing a post for awhile, is that I no longer know where to start.  So much has been happening in my world.  Sometimes I feel like I have had a soft landing after such a tumultuous run of events, and then other times I fall with a thud.
 Being a school teacher certainly helps me keep it all real and in perspective.
 . . . and then I go out into my garden and the world seems to slow down.  It's certainly my place of serenity - where I find peace and calm and all things beautiful.

 My Canaries had another good season, and at my last count there are about 26 birds.  They take some keeping up with the bath water and go through a power of seed.  They do have such lovely sweet faces though, and I just love them.
 The begonia's have been beautiful, especially in my hot house and the flowers just keep on giving.  Such vibrant colours . . .

 . . . and this large pink 'Plectranthas' has been like a little bit of Autumn Magic  near my back door this Autumn.  When it finishes flowering, I'm going to cut it back hard and see if I can make some more plants.  It's a beauty.
 Spent some time dressing up at Sovereign Hill and going back to the 1800's.  The children loved spinning in their dresses.  That's what this term's been like - a real S P I N .
 White Nerine's have been beautiful - popping up in all sorts of places in the garden and giving me lovely surprises.
 Some last roses before Winter - this one is called Ashram.  Given to me by a college when my father died a few years ago, and it is a beautiful one.
 Although I've been quiet here on the blog, It's been full on action in my little world.  Loving life and living it to the full.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Still Autumn

 . . . and loving it!
 This was my Tiger Lilly Stalks - only lasted a couple of days like this but was stunning in the garden.
 Thank you to all the people who commented on my last post.  It was heart warming to read the messages of people who felt the same way about special pets.  I still miss her.

 Beautiful Cyclamens in my hot house and in all the nurseries around town.  I just love them.  I knew I was getting old when I just adored them.  My mum always had them and raved about them when I was young, and I just didn't "get it" - she had them at the back door and they multiplied and she oooh'ed and ahhh'ed about them. I really didn't like them then.  Now I LOVE them!

 White Nerines popping up everywhere . . . so many delights of Autumn.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

My Beautiful Girl

Nellie has been my loving companion for the last 8 years.  She's the one who slept snuggled up to me at night, and greeted me when I got home from work. 
She kept me company in the sewing room always, and LOVED all of my quilts and projects.  She was always the first to sit on anything new and give it her stamp of approval.

 I first met her (I like to say at the RACV) at the RSPCA.
On her card it said she was in the TV Show The Saddle Club.
She instantly purred when I met her and wanted to snuggle into my arms.  I knew she was the one we would take home.  She was 2 years old at the time and had already had a litter of kittens.  Most people were after a kitten.
 She had a kind face and a loving nature.  She was my girl.
 A few weeks ago she became very ill.  We had a couple of trips to the vet, and despite everything, she didn't improve.  She stopped eating and hardly moved, except to go out into the garden where she could watch me work and feel close at all times.
 The time came where I had to make a heat breaking decision to let my friend sleep forever in my garden.
 It has been a difficult week for me, saying goodbye to such a loving friend who has been through so much with me through some troubled times.
 She so loved my new Glass House and often used to curl up on my chair out there while I was at work during the day.

Rest in Peace my friend

Monday, March 14, 2016

Autumn Glory is in my Garden

 Begonia's are blooming in my hot house.

 This is a lovely native hibiscus that is thriving in my potato box out the back.  The only downfall of this plant is that the flowers only last a couple of days, so I have to check each day so as not to miss them.
 This is the Make A Wish Salvia, and has been flowing like this ALL summer and now into Autumn.  Great value in the garden.
 Hannah Gordon Rose - a lot like Double Delight.

 Japanese Windflowers . . . and this lovely Clematis
 . . . and finishing off with this spectacular Begonia at my back door.  That was a walk around the garden with me today.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


 I think it was last year some time when the lovely Ros from Bloom sent me an exciting parcel in the mail.
 It contained some very special bulbs, and this is one of the results.  I'd forgotten what it was, and the tag has long since gone west, so I set about investigating my mother's gardening books the other night.
 This was the result: Xephyranthes. commonly known as Rain Lilly.
 It is so beautiful and just a single flower so far. 
 -Thank you Bloom-
for sharing some of your garden with me.

Autumn has come and it's a wonderful time in the garden.  Lots of pinks at the moment and . . . loving it.