Saturday, June 30, 2007

New Treasures

I have won myslef a new/old wheelbarrow. My husband says how many do you need, not believing I will use it, but you just wait and see. I LOVE wheelbarrows - so handy! Old Nanny is cleaning out her house and moving to the next stage, so we have won some old treasures.

I've always wanted a garden seat. Now I will have to create a spot in the garden so it is a cosy spot to sit. Thanks Nanny!

Oh ... and the pots, whatever will I put in those ... hmmmmm. Another trip to the nursery maybe???
...Holidays are here!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

So close I can almost smell them

Holidays...they are getting so close, I can almost smell them. Reports are done, interviews with parents today, some PD tomorrow and then the last day ... Yip Yip Yippeee! I am looking forward to clearing my head and enjoying some craft time and some gardening time. I have been having more and more trouble getting up in the mornings lately, and am looking forward to sleeping 'till I want to and just feeling rested and relaxed. I have had my "grey" neighbour ask me to look after her orchids while she is on her annual nomadic pilgramige. I am looking forward to tending to thier needs and eagerly watching to see if they come into bud. I have potted up lots of little cuttings that I am keen to watch and I need to give my compost a bit of TLC and attention. There are weeds starting to peep through and roses to prune and always some grass to dig out in readiness for more planting! Oh .... and about my unfinished projects, I just may get stuck into a few of those as well. Those chook quilts are GOING to be finished, yes they are!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Busy Times

Since logging my To Do list I have been exhausted just thinking about it! I'm pleased to report however, that I have been working on my Friendship Quilt (which I might add has a deadline) and in between times, by daughter has been taught to knit by her Granny, so I have got out my crochet hook to keep her company. It has been a special time together to sit quietly and work on our individual projects with a little talk on the side, just daughter and I.

The count down in on until school holidays with only a week to go. I am feeling more relaxed already and am not bothering about home work this weekend. Consequently I've been gadding about ALL day and enjoying social interaction with friends, neighbours and craft buddies. In between times of course, I have been doing the weekly chores and the washing machine is whirring while I click away. I'm going to knock off soon and get back to some crotcheting (I'm hooked - excuse the pun) even though I should be doing some of the quilt. Those chooks will wait another day!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

To Do List


(as Tagged by Ric Rac)
What a thought - a list of all to be done, too many pressures. I remember a friend told me once "Nothing matters very much and very few things matter at all" - it's a bit like that with my list. They are all things I like to do and would like to do, but they won't set the world on fire and the sun will keep rising and setting whether I do them or not. I don't like to put undue pressure on myself, but it's interesting to think of the things on my "list" and actually see them written down. I took some photos to make it a little more interesting and maybe, just maybe, I will use this to put a "rocket" where it's needed in my motivation stakes and actually get something finished. I am a great starter of projects.

Just to start off, I am going to enter into the Pincusion Challenge and start yet another project, but I have a time line for this one. Check it out, you may like to enter too.

I have been working on these chooks for simply ages ... years even. All they need is some binding and hanging. I made them to hang in my kitchen that was renovated, but we have since sold that house and moved on. A friend from my craft group is always wanting me to finish these when I am eagerly starting yet another project. To finish these would make her very happy!


This is another one with a deadline. I couldn't photograph it all as it is part of a friendship quilt that our craft group is working on. I am up to the fourth boarder and have it all planned out...just have to get on and do it. I have until the school holidays. This one is actually laid out on the floor, so is most likely the next job on the list.


I made this quilt 2 years ago, but started the embroidery earlier this year while I was on sick leave. I had said I would have it finished B4 I went back to work, but hey, that never happened. It is sooooooo close to finish, it won't be long now.


Finish off some bags I sort of got hooked on making and am now a bit addicted to making bags. I have even more fabric and ideas to make more. I just love it!!!


Finish my Irish Quilt for cousin Sophie


To reply to my ever growing pile of letters!


Plant my sweet pea seeds that were due to be planted in MARCH ... ooops!


To sort through and cull mountains of unnessary paperwork


To venture into my 'woollen basket' and journey down a path of felt next school holidays.

That's 10 and that's enough for now. I think just doing this and logging it has taken almost as long as completing one of the projects. Just so long as I am fit and healthy with the prospect of many happy years to come for crafting and gardening ... I'm a happy, lucky lady!

and I TAG Ragged Roses

Monday, June 11, 2007

A Lovely Long Weekend

Thank you 'Lizzy' for a lovely long weekend. I have had a lovely time. Lots of gardening and a new sewing room cupboard. I have had to re-arrange my whole sewing room to fit it in, but that was fun in itself. I have far to much STUFF. I feel I am organised again for just a little while. I love my own space!

I really can't remember how I survived without a room of my own. I am very lucky. In the garden I did a lot of snipping. I had some nasturshams that were literally taking over in a couple of spots. I had been reluctant to cut them back for awhile now as they are just so pretty, but for the sake of the plants that were being swamped, I went hacking away and fed my compost bays. Once I started, I kept finding little spots to chop chop chop, and then I couldn't help but make cuttings of some salvias that I'd promised friends and some rooted bits of beautiful black pelagonium I couldn't bare to throw out. I now have a myriad of little black pots all lined up along the fence with the hope and promise of new life, of a variety of favourites to share.

Sunday, June 3, 2007


As I am writing my school reports (still) I am finding lots of fun things to do in my breaks. I have just finished creating a new garden out the back, just a small strip and planted violas and primulas for some colour. I have potted up 2 big tubs of spring bulbs too outside my window. In my sewing room, I have caught the felting bug. I really enjoyed making my new school bag last week, so thought I'd have a go at another sort of bag. This one began as a little short sleeved jumper I found at the Op Shop, and is turning into a bag.

This is looking down into the bag from the top - it is still being born.

I had the most beautiful fushia out last Thursday called "Nancy Lou". She was so lovely that I had to bring her inside. The photos don't really show the extent of her beauty.

They hung from the vase for a few days and now they are floating in a boat. They are just so delicate.