Tuesday, June 12, 2007

To Do List


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What a thought - a list of all to be done, too many pressures. I remember a friend told me once "Nothing matters very much and very few things matter at all" - it's a bit like that with my list. They are all things I like to do and would like to do, but they won't set the world on fire and the sun will keep rising and setting whether I do them or not. I don't like to put undue pressure on myself, but it's interesting to think of the things on my "list" and actually see them written down. I took some photos to make it a little more interesting and maybe, just maybe, I will use this to put a "rocket" where it's needed in my motivation stakes and actually get something finished. I am a great starter of projects.

Just to start off, I am going to enter into the Pincusion Challenge and start yet another project, but I have a time line for this one. Check it out, you may like to enter too.

I have been working on these chooks for simply ages ... years even. All they need is some binding and hanging. I made them to hang in my kitchen that was renovated, but we have since sold that house and moved on. A friend from my craft group is always wanting me to finish these when I am eagerly starting yet another project. To finish these would make her very happy!


This is another one with a deadline. I couldn't photograph it all as it is part of a friendship quilt that our craft group is working on. I am up to the fourth boarder and have it all planned out...just have to get on and do it. I have until the school holidays. This one is actually laid out on the floor, so is most likely the next job on the list.


I made this quilt 2 years ago, but started the embroidery earlier this year while I was on sick leave. I had said I would have it finished B4 I went back to work, but hey, that never happened. It is sooooooo close to finish, it won't be long now.


Finish off some bags I sort of got hooked on making and am now a bit addicted to making bags. I have even more fabric and ideas to make more. I just love it!!!


Finish my Irish Quilt for cousin Sophie


To reply to my ever growing pile of letters!


Plant my sweet pea seeds that were due to be planted in MARCH ... ooops!


To sort through and cull mountains of unnessary paperwork


To venture into my 'woollen basket' and journey down a path of felt next school holidays.

That's 10 and that's enough for now. I think just doing this and logging it has taken almost as long as completing one of the projects. Just so long as I am fit and healthy with the prospect of many happy years to come for crafting and gardening ... I'm a happy, lucky lady!

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Ragged Roses said...

Hello, making a list of things to do is actually on my list, so maybe this will spur me on! Like you I don't like putting any extra pressure on myself!
Kim x

Chookyblue...... said...

love the chooks......keep the sweet peas until next March.....keep up the sewing........

Bren said...

But think....isn't part of the fun having all the things on your list, just knowing that they are there, wiating, for that day, when you choose to spend time on them...?
PS at least the new quilt for Brenda isn't yet on the list!! Let me know when list is getting too short :).

Anonymous said...

I was with you till the paperwork thing! Running scared from that. I have really enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks!

Jodie said...

Dear Annie, Your list is quite exhausting ...but fancy having no list at all ...no projects to work on. That would be sad !
We sometimes need to remember to put ourselves on THE TOP of our things to do list .

sheila from life @ #17 said...

totally not related to his post :) but please tell me the name of the purple/blue flowers...I think they're gorgeous :)

KatieDid said...

Hi Annie, can you make a list for me too?!

sheila from life @ #17 said...

thanks, Annie, for the flower name :) my friends & I saw them every where while in California & could not figure out what they were! I wonder if they'll grow for me in Georgia...I'll have to research that on the 'net :)

anyhoo...to put music on your site, try using http://www.sonific.com/

it is pretty easy...you pick the music you like, edit it for how you want the music to play on your blog (like do you want it to repeat? and stuff like that), then sonific generates some html code that you copy & paste into your blog template...

since you use blogger like me, you just pick the "HTML/JavaScript" page element & paste the sonific code in there...save & ta-dah :)

was that utterly confusing?

don't worry...if I can figure it out.... :)

sheila from life @ #17 said...

p.s. if you scroll down to the bottom of my blog page, you'll see a little sonific box with controls...