Monday, January 23, 2017

Happy New Year 2017

 I've been doing a lot of things differently lately, and this holiday was no exception.  I just think that perhaps my life has changed and I am changing with it. I actually booked a holiday well in advance and was able to look forward to it.  It has made the long summer holidays disappear quickly, but that's OK.
 I went on a holiday to New Zealand  with my new partner and my mother.  Watching her enjoyment of all things new, was such a joy as she had never been on such a holiday before.  She is 85 and had to get her first passport which was very exciting.  We took the bus to Melbourne, and boarded a cruise ship that was wall to wall luxury. We enjoyed feeling very spoilt for 2 weeks.
 I don't know if I'm just getting fussy, or I'm actually going off coffee.  Is it my age? I'm not sure.  Is anyone else feeling the same?  I love the idea of coffee dates, and the smell, but I'm just not feeling the love that I used to feel for it. I'm a bit sad about it really.  What else does one drink on a "coffee date?"
 The Kiwi Farm we went to was great. I loved seeing them all hanging on the vines - thousands of them.

. . . and the scenery was like magic.  It was a lovely place to go for a holiday. 
 Now I'm back in "Normalsville" and it's almost time for school to start again, it feels but a dream. 
I've done a bit of travelling these last couple of years, so now it is time to bunker down and pretend to be serious about work...or not...
Either way there's always plenty of gardening to do.