Thursday, December 8, 2016

Once a Year

 You wait all year for these
 Then on one day - 14 flowers all at once
. . . and they only last a day and a bit.  I wanted to pull up a deck chair and just gaze at them - but alas, I had to go off to school that day!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

My Heart Can Sing Half A Song

 Thank you to all my blogging friends out there who sent words to me last week on the replies. I was desperate with worry and didn't know quite how much until my son finally answered my call last Friday.
 I broke down in tears and wept for my boy - my baby.
I was scared to hang up the phone in case he didn't pick it up again.
 He is fine - just got sick of the city and all it entails and locked himself away for 2 whole weeks.  I told him next time to just let his mother know.
That's a 50% success rate with my lost children.
I'll keep working on my other one.

Monday, November 14, 2016

New Office

 Here's another view from my new office. Not too shabby!
I've been having a lot of fun making terrariums lately with succulents. My youngest wanted one for his room, so I got busy and found a little garden gnome to put in with it. I have made it in an old giant coffee jar. He lives with his dad now, so I was pleased he wanted me to make something for him.

This is a picture of Miss Flowergarden. This is all I see of her these days.  She hasn't spoken to me since August 2015.  She says I have ruined her life and she doesn't believe in separation. She certainly doesn't believe in re-partnering and finding happiness again in life.  I am at a loss with her. I miss her - I feel that I have lost my only daughter. She is very determined for a young person of 19. I fear she has many hard life lessons to learn and I wonder if I'll ever see her again. My eldest son has also gone missing this week. He has just gone AWOL - off the radar - not to be contacted. He has lost his job in the city because he didn't turn up to work. He has Asperger's Syndrome and although he is 21 and high functioning, he also lacks a lot of insight into society, people, emotions and communication. My heart is breaking for these 2 children.

Oh thank goodness for my garden.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Lots of Stories

 First of all, I have a new job.  Still teaching, but driving this bus full of library books around to 8 little country schools, teaching literacy lessons.  It's a 'sea-change' of sorts and very different to being in a big school of 540 kids going to schools now of about 12.  Lots of alone time which I like and the most beautiful country views.
 When I get home, I like to hang out in here.  My hot house is becoming a favourite place to relax after work. Sometimes I even have my breakfast out there. My plants love it too and from inside I get a beautiful view of my garden.
 This is one of my daily views as I drive along.
 I've done a spot of practical sewing.  My church pew got painted and jazzed up a bit, so I got new foam and covered it.  With the same fabric, I re-covered the cushions in the hot house on my new second hand couch.  Everything old is new again.

 I have had spectacular blooms in my garden this spring.  I forget what's coming so it's always a surprise.  These beared iris are very special outside my back door. I think my neighbour must have given them to me, as they divide each year and share.
 I had a big shed tidy up and found these mirrors just sitting around.  They used to be part of an old dressing table that was dismantled at one stage.  They have been very cleverly installed in my garden to make it look like I can see through the neighbours fence.  I just love them and they have added a special dimension to my garden.

 In the shed tidy, I found an old cymbal that I made into a bird feeder. I put it where I can view from my hot house.  I love watching the birds. 

 Hmmmm ... which brings me to the next story ...
do you see this little yellow canary?  Well I have 4 different rouge ones flying about my garden.  They talk to the ones in the aviary and seem very happy living in the wild.  I don't know if they were ones that have escaped in the past, or others - they are there every day, so I have put a feeder on the outside of the cage and they happily use that.  They bath in the garden bird baths and seem to be friends with the sparrows. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Tip Toe

 So much pleasure was derived from this pot of Tulips
 They were right outside my back door, so I was able to drink in their beauty each time I looked outside.
 The morning sun shone on them and they just called me out again and again
 They lasted a good month and were well worth planting

Monday, September 19, 2016

Holiday Gardening

 So happy to be on holidays from school and to be in my garden.
 Lots of lovely treasures every day to find out there.
 I have some projects that I'll be working on - some new paths and some painting of my hot house.
 The combinations of these colours is just magic!
 My daughter's Birthday Blossom - she turned 19 - Prunus Elvins has always been one of my favourites.
 Lovely Tulips - fleeting, but worth it.

Enjoying the sun while it lasts, and some inside jobs if it rains.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Welcome Spring Time

 These Iceland Poppies were the for-runner for the blooms that were to come
 . . . and they just keep coming
 So elegant and simple
 This is a BIG RED Salvia that is beside my hot house, and is going to look magnificent when all these large red spikes open out. It is covered with buds.
 Had lots of early jonquils and now the daffs are starting to open up.
It's such an exciting time in my garden that has been mainly sleeping for the winter months.
 I got a lovely surprise after work last night, when I spied my magnolia.
It is such a delicate one and I have had a lot of trouble growing them in the past, so I am very pleased that this one seems happy at my back door.