Monday, September 19, 2016

Holiday Gardening

 So happy to be on holidays from school and to be in my garden.
 Lots of lovely treasures every day to find out there.
 I have some projects that I'll be working on - some new paths and some painting of my hot house.
 The combinations of these colours is just magic!
 My daughter's Birthday Blossom - she turned 19 - Prunus Elvins has always been one of my favourites.
 Lovely Tulips - fleeting, but worth it.

Enjoying the sun while it lasts, and some inside jobs if it rains.


Satya P said...

Beautiful Images.... So pretty.... I am very much fond of gardening and it gives me peace of mind. Keep posting more regarding plants and flowers. HP Laptop Service Centers in Chennai

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

So glad you are enjoying your beautiful blooms with time off from school. Your flowers bring joy.

Love & hugs and have a great week ~ FlowerLady

Jan said...

Beautiful photos, Annie. I need a garden tour - it's been a while. And we have a new garden area for you to see. Happy holidays!

Elaine/Muddling Through said...

Your gorgeous photos of your beautiful flowers always make me smile, Annie! Thank you for blessing us all with them.

Nikki said...

Lovely photos, lovely lady. School holidays here have been eaten up with work and Melbourne-based activities. I do still very much want to come to hang out with you, your garden and your knitting machine soon! xx

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