Monday, June 11, 2007

A Lovely Long Weekend

Thank you 'Lizzy' for a lovely long weekend. I have had a lovely time. Lots of gardening and a new sewing room cupboard. I have had to re-arrange my whole sewing room to fit it in, but that was fun in itself. I have far to much STUFF. I feel I am organised again for just a little while. I love my own space!

I really can't remember how I survived without a room of my own. I am very lucky. In the garden I did a lot of snipping. I had some nasturshams that were literally taking over in a couple of spots. I had been reluctant to cut them back for awhile now as they are just so pretty, but for the sake of the plants that were being swamped, I went hacking away and fed my compost bays. Once I started, I kept finding little spots to chop chop chop, and then I couldn't help but make cuttings of some salvias that I'd promised friends and some rooted bits of beautiful black pelagonium I couldn't bare to throw out. I now have a myriad of little black pots all lined up along the fence with the hope and promise of new life, of a variety of favourites to share.


KatieDid said...

I love that cupboard, Annie!

Georgie said...

I love your room, Annie! I would never leave it