Saturday, June 23, 2007

Busy Times

Since logging my To Do list I have been exhausted just thinking about it! I'm pleased to report however, that I have been working on my Friendship Quilt (which I might add has a deadline) and in between times, by daughter has been taught to knit by her Granny, so I have got out my crochet hook to keep her company. It has been a special time together to sit quietly and work on our individual projects with a little talk on the side, just daughter and I.

The count down in on until school holidays with only a week to go. I am feeling more relaxed already and am not bothering about home work this weekend. Consequently I've been gadding about ALL day and enjoying social interaction with friends, neighbours and craft buddies. In between times of course, I have been doing the weekly chores and the washing machine is whirring while I click away. I'm going to knock off soon and get back to some crotcheting (I'm hooked - excuse the pun) even though I should be doing some of the quilt. Those chooks will wait another day!


Georgie said...

What a precious photo you have there!

Bren said...

Annie can't wait to see all your projects when I visit this holidays. I'm alos looking forwrad to you teaching me how to crochet! I'd better get onto my own show and tell items.....!