Sunday, June 3, 2007


As I am writing my school reports (still) I am finding lots of fun things to do in my breaks. I have just finished creating a new garden out the back, just a small strip and planted violas and primulas for some colour. I have potted up 2 big tubs of spring bulbs too outside my window. In my sewing room, I have caught the felting bug. I really enjoyed making my new school bag last week, so thought I'd have a go at another sort of bag. This one began as a little short sleeved jumper I found at the Op Shop, and is turning into a bag.

This is looking down into the bag from the top - it is still being born.

I had the most beautiful fushia out last Thursday called "Nancy Lou". She was so lovely that I had to bring her inside. The photos don't really show the extent of her beauty.

They hung from the vase for a few days and now they are floating in a boat. They are just so delicate.


Ragged Roses said...

Those fuschias are very pretty, so delicate. Love the bag, beautiful colours too. It is so easy to be distracted isn't it ...

Unknown said...

The bag looks pretty. Bet it will be even more beautiful and unique when it is finished. Have fun. Look forward to seeing more of your creations, both flowers and bags.

Have a great day

Jodie said...

Hey Annie - I have tagged you !!! This is a part of blogland we haven't mastered yet. The tag is do post your TO Do list .....jeepers