Thursday, October 31, 2013

I promise - BLOGTOBERFEST Final Post

I promise this is the last photo I will show of my toe, but it's the final day of Blogtoberfest, and I have pretty slim pickin's for pictures.
Now my stitches are out, I can put a bit of pressure on, but not too much.  Still sore, but I managed to pull out a small bunch of weeds today in my poor garden.
I'm back to school on Monday (with crutches) and it will be all systems go.
I've enjoyed this down time and will try hard to pace myself a bit more and not get overcommitted once I get back into action againl.
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Jan said...

Now it's out there, Annie, you'll just have to do it - not overcommit. I mean! And not too much coffee (although I am looking forward to taking you out for one when you are properly back on your feet!) Good to see you up and (almost) about this arvo.

Midge said...

Annie, no wonder you have been out of action. Your poor toe! Don't go gangbusters at work this week. You need your rest for next weekend.

Rita @The Crafty Expat said...

Hello Annie! I hope your first week back at work went well. Hope your toe didn't give you too much pain. Take it easy.