Friday, October 18, 2013

Windy Spring 18th October

Lying on my back, unable to do all the usual routine things of my life, has got me looking at forgotten projects.  This crotched rug was started 2 or 3 years ago, with great gusto, and then abandoned for a newer, shinier, conquest.  I'm thinking that I'm a bit of a "craft harlot" - always looking for the next best thing, instead of sticking with the projects in hand.  I know a lot of us "crafties" are like that, and we get swept up in the moment of trying something new, but really, unless you are stuck on your back for a long period of time - will those forgotten gems of projects, ever get finished?  Do we still love them with the same heart, or do they merely vanish into the crafter's abyss?

Good Morning toes!

I do have a lot of projects that I've been less than kind to.  Some I have come back to and finished, and some I've no longer felt the love for as time has passed and tastes and values change. This project above is one that hangs near my bed, and I love it - still!  It was one that I had to do, instantly, and the scrappy nature of it, the wonky lines, and the odd bits of fabric, just seem to fit in with my personality. I enjoyed the hand stitching and surprise surprise, it even sits flat which is always an amazing feat with me.

I love these delicate May Roses and had some fun yesterday making some more.  There's something special about tiny things.  Also it is bringing my love of the garden inside to me.  Boy am missing OUTSIDE!  I might have to have a hop about today and just check the landscape.

I think my main challenge today is to somehow have a shower, or bath.  I can't stand it - you know, lank hair, smelly jamies and all that.  It's been a week - of which I find hard to believe, as I've slept through most of it.  It doesn't hurt when I sleep.

I watched a good movie last night called "Elegy" with Ben Kingsley and Penelope Cruz. "When your body gets cold, the blood from your exteremities retreats into your main body.  It's a natural thing your body does to protect its important internal organs..."
It was about ageing and the feelings of wanting to stay young and move quickly to avoid the process - while it is happening around you.  I wondered if perhaps that's what I sometimes do - who am I kidding, always do.  I move so quickly, and refuse to believe that my numbers are going up.

My lovely friend brought me this card.
I am so thankful for my wonderful friends and life - I need to appreciate it all more and take the time.  This is a lesson for me.
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Kate said...

Love the stitching and the rug. Hope it is heeling. I hate to think how many unfinished things are around here.

Sue said...

I think your numbers go up slower if you think slower. I'm a firm believer in mindfulness and living in the moment and sometimes I think if we rush life and try to fit in a million projects life will force us to slow down will an illness or a forced operation! Easy to say, very hard to practise! I think I'm going to send you some mindfulness links Annie! Mind you I would have gone nuts by now in your position. Perhaps a task for the kids over weekend to take some pictures of your flowers and bring indoors to you?

Leanne said...

Not sure about the hopping around the garden young lady.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I know all too well about unfinished projects. :-) I love your crocheted rug, and those May roses are adorable. I also love crocheting flowers.

I hope you'll soon be up and about, but don't rush things or do too much.

Have a love weekend ~ FlowerLady

Jenny said...

Your toe is on the mend? Looks mighty sore. You reminded me that I have exactly the same crochet that I started a long time ago too and now it is in the UFO pile-I must find it out.