Sunday, August 23, 2015

Shhh Spring's Coming

 I had a lovely time out in my garden yesterday.  It was perfect Spring weather.  With a little over a week to go of Winter here, it's getting jolly exciting with all the bulbs popping their heads up, and tiny leaf buds on the trees.  Always a wonder after the long cold months of Winter. 

shhh...Spring's coming!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

 Lots of picking up from the train station lately.  My son and daughter have taken up playing Quid itch in Melbourne.  They love it - riding around on broomsticks and being cool with alike others.
 I've had 2 days at Sovereign Hill dressed up in the 1850's costume and going to school with my grade - loved it so much, just wanted to work there every day.
 A spot of gardening amongst the showers and cold spots of Winter.
 Made a garden bed in the middle of the driveway - concrete - boxes of cardboard at the bottom and lots of mulch, compost and soil, then plant plant plant.
 . . . and then some Sunday Knitting