Sunday, September 20, 2015

Peg Bags

 These orange poppies have been magnificent. So crisp are the lines of the petals.
 I made a new Peg Bag for a friend's birthday, and as mine was about 16 years old and all coming apart, I made a new one for myself as well.
 Early tulips have had my heart skipping a beat - especially these frilly ones which I have a few of now.  They are really special.
 Stellata Rosea Magnolia - I hope this little tree gets a "grow on" during the next season.
 Ginger Kitten looking to pounce on other family cat!

 This beautiful plum tree was a gift from a bird poop.  It came up behind the compost, and is now a magnificent tree and especially when it is in bloom.
 The old feeder I brought from the farm is having a new lease of life as a house for beautiful tulips.  I love it!
 Little miniature lavenders at the front gate are a welcome sign in Spring.
 Split Corona Daffs have multiplied this year and I had 2 lovely clumps.

A beautiful Spring day here, and off I head into Autumn.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Major Works

Very exciting here at my Flowergarden.  I am having some Major Works done outside my back door.

A little porch is being constructed to break the weather right at my back door - not quite finished yet, but well on the way.  In the mean time I am enjoying the Spring blossom each day
As the evenings are beginning to extend, I am getting time for a walk around the garden after work, and being rewarded with many pleasures.

 The Ginger Kitten is growing big and cheeky.  Loves playing outside and gets into EVERYTHING!  Can't help loving him though . . .

. . . and my baby boy returned from a whole term on King Island for his Year 9 Experience.  His sister was so pleased to see him - me too of course.  We didn't speak to each other for 9 weeks, just corresponded by letter. I will treasure those letters.
Today is Miss Flowergarden's 18th Birthday.  It's hard to believe I have children that age as I still feel like I'm young like that. She will be finished school next term and heading on to her next chapter.  Big Cal who is 20 is coming to the end of his uni at the end of this year.  Changes afoot for all.