Saturday, April 28, 2007

In Between Times

I know it is binding day for Sarah's quilt, but in between times, I haven't been able to help myself put together a blue quilt for my cousin's daughter in Ireland. They were out visiting during the Christmas holidays and young Sophie had 2 burley brothers, and took a likeing to my quilts. I decided there and then that I would make a special one for her. I asked her what her favourite colour was, and she told me blue. Knowing how many different variations of blue there were, I asked again: "what type of blue?" In her lovely Irish lilt she replied softly..."all types of blue." So I set about collecting blue fabrics whenever I saw some that took my fancy and also went through my stash to recover some favourites and give them a purpose in life.

I did go into my sewing room with the intention of sewing the binding onto Sarah's quilt to sit and handsew, but the blue quilt took my eye and I thought ...oh I'll just sew a few squares. I ended up sewing all the rows together, labelling them and pressing them, and then forced myself to stop and focus on the task that was set for today.



Jodie said...

Annie - welcome to blogging - I am so glad you are here and I love you garden pics and of course your little helper.
Here you are asking me for help and you already have banner and I still can't figure it out.
So two fo the fat quarters up and running and only one left to go.

Annie said...

Thanks Jod, I'm glad you approve. Bring on the 3rd fat quarter

KatieDid said...

The third fat quarter is a bit busy to Blog just now. Maybe you can help me in the holidays?

Annie said...

Done Deal Kate - great to see you on line. I didn't think you could comment if you didn't have a blog??? Went to Ameti in Bentleigh yesterday. OK but we are spoiled here in Ballarat