Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Had to try this Tutorial

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Couldn't resist having a go at this pincushion tutorial that I have been admiring in blogland. I saw it in a few places, but Wendy at Snippets of a Quilter inspired me and then I went to Whip Up and followed the very easy directions. It was so quick and is just georgous. I am going to make more. Also look at my delicious fabric that came in the mail today from Kristen Doran. I just LOVE it.

This Double Delight rose is flowering outside my sewing room window. It is just a most beautiful rose. I know why it got it's name. It holds so well in comparrison to others. I picked 3 buds of different roses the day before yesterday, and the others lasted just the day, but Double Delight is valiantly shining on and giving me much pleasure.

Just a little update on our adorable little Chick Chick!


Bronwyn said...

'Double Delight' is my all time favourite rose - the fragrance is intoxicating and I love that each flower is slightly different to the rest; either there is more raspberry pink or more vanilla turning into lemony yellow - gee this sounds like cake talk to me!

pink-petal-designs said...

Love your pin cushion.
Sarah x

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Wow! Chick Chick is getting real feathers! Gorgeous! :)

Lucy x

angie said...

Lovely roses. You're really lucky of being able to look at them from your sewing room! The pincushion is fantastic too.

Hollabee said...

it seems like you live in paradise...beautiful roses...cute chicks...I'd love to live in a country town :) luckily Ballarat isn't too far from Melbourne

Jelly Wares said...

That pin cushion is just gorgeous!!!! I lvoe the pic of the rose, it's as though I can smell it through my computer.... Just beautiful!!


Leanne said...

I also love double delight I have a couple in my garden someone told me the variation in colours is something to do with the sun but I'm not sure about that. The pin cushion is cute and great to see chick chick is growing - does he/she know he/she is a blog land star.

Jenny said...

I also agree with you about Double Delight-one of my favourites too and yes the blooms seem to last such a long time. Your pincushion is lovely I made one not so long ago that was similar and thought it was a quick and easy but satisfying little sewing project.Chick Chick is growing so fast. I bet your son and him are very attached.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Great pincushion and Chick, chick is soooo dang cute!!!!

Jasmine said...

Hi Annie,
Don't worry about texting me your details- I remembered and have found your bolg. Jenny is sitting here with me and is very impresses and wonders how you find the time to fit it all in. She's really grateful that you are giving her that quilt for Christmas and thinks it'll look great in her room :-)

Feeling excited about my future garden.

Have a good weekend Annie, thanks again for the tour this afternoon. See you Monday,

Jasmine xo

David and Melissa said...

There are the sweet pin cushions and I love the chooks!
Melissa xxxxxxxx