Saturday, April 28, 2007


The day is not done yet, and I have forced myself with the help of my chicken to sew the binding on and now I will sit with a DVD and handsew. It is a happening thing!

I bought these little jars at the warehouse today and thought that I would "fold my fabric". I read in that she started folding her fabric and 3 days later she had totally rearranged her sewing space. I could relate to that and I think it spurred me on to get some containers ... I LOVE containers, and have a tidy up in my space that I am lucky enough to have in our new house.

In Between Times

I know it is binding day for Sarah's quilt, but in between times, I haven't been able to help myself put together a blue quilt for my cousin's daughter in Ireland. They were out visiting during the Christmas holidays and young Sophie had 2 burley brothers, and took a likeing to my quilts. I decided there and then that I would make a special one for her. I asked her what her favourite colour was, and she told me blue. Knowing how many different variations of blue there were, I asked again: "what type of blue?" In her lovely Irish lilt she replied softly..."all types of blue." So I set about collecting blue fabrics whenever I saw some that took my fancy and also went through my stash to recover some favourites and give them a purpose in life.

I did go into my sewing room with the intention of sewing the binding onto Sarah's quilt to sit and handsew, but the blue quilt took my eye and I thought ...oh I'll just sew a few squares. I ended up sewing all the rows together, labelling them and pressing them, and then forced myself to stop and focus on the task that was set for today.


Friday, April 27, 2007

Sarah's Quilt

Tomorrow I am looking forward to sitting in my chair and binding my daughters quilt that I have made for her with love. It was made with little bits of left over curtain fabric that I just loved. I brought the curtains from my old house to my new house and unfortunately/ or fortunately for her, the only window that they fitted was my little girl's. I was hoping they would go in my new sewing room!! Anyway, this allowed me the opportunity for another quilt project, and I have been creating it for some time. Finally it's been quilted and is ready to bind, which is very excititng. More on this tomorrow.

Rain is Falling

I am exicted to report that rain is falling in Ballarat. I have been sitting on the couch for several weeks now recovering from an operation and have been frustrated that I can't lift the buckets that are required to water my precious garden. Luckily I've had some willing helpers and I have been able to get a tiny watering can and make several trips to let my little beauties have a drink. I can almost hear them slurping out there as the rain falls down. I'll have to go to bed soon, as I love nothing more that lying in bed and listening to the rain on the roof.