Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hand Dyed Quilt

Been working on "secret project" most of the day, but did have a rest and watch a DVD with Master Flowergarden and did a little bit of hand quilting. As promised, I snapped some pics. I'm using lovely varigated thread.I find the hand quilting very relaxing and rewarding ...I guess there is no surprise that it has flowers on it. I like them so much. I went for a walk around my garden this afternoon, and thought I would struggle to find any beauties, but look what I found.

There always seems to be something out there, even though I've been focusing on sewing lately.

Friday, March 28, 2008

I'm very excited about my labels - thanks to Jelly Wares for the tip ...

I've been working on a secret project ...

I'm very pleased with how it has turned out, but sorry, can't show you all yet.

In between times, I have been doing some hand quilting on a hand dyed quilt that has been hanging around calling to be finished for a bout 3 years or more. I'm surprised how quickly it is coming on and will take a photo tomorrow to post. My aim this holidays is to "t r y" to finish off some projects that are just lurking around..

...this new secret project however, just slipped into the mix... you know how it is!!!


Thursday, March 27, 2008

A new Autumn Handbag

Using Ric Rac's 1 hour tutorial, I managed to whip up this new Autumn Handbag. Can you spy my new lables??? I bought this lovely cord fabric at the quilt show from the "bag lady" and am very impressed with myself that I have actually used something I bought so soon. Usually it takes me ages to use, and by that time I am either over it, or don't like it anymore, so "congratulations" I say!

When I get busy sewing Miss Flowergarden usually likes to get in on the act, so she also made a handbag, but changed the design slightly and added the lovely flower embellishment. I was very proud of her efforts.
Can you believe this is "Chick Chick"?????? alias "Chook Chook!!!"

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Swap Surprises

How lucky was I to have such a clever swap partner. Sorry I can't link to your blog yet FRAN, but I hope to one day when you set one up. This georgous bunny arrived just before I broke up from school for the first term holidays.
Not only was there a lovely softie bunny, but 3 little chicks for my 3 little chicks (children) with their names on them and a special easter egg. They were as excited as I was.
...and it just kept getting better and better. Fran had knitted a little woven basket with little easter eggs in, and she included a lovely card.
Thank you Fran, and I hope everyone had a Happy Easter time.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Easter Bunnies Hop

A sneak peek at my Easter Bunny swap organised by Lucy Locket. It was a bit of a struggle as I am no "softie" expert, but it is taking a giant hop overseas tomorrow.
As you probably know I did have a WONDERFUL day last Friday at Stitches and Craft. It was so good meeting up with all the bloggers at the Living Creatively stand and feeling "part of the gang". I had been meaning to make one of dear fi's bowls and even had the gladwrap on the bowl in my sewing room waiting for the motivation. After seeing Fiona's bowl in the flesh I couldn't help making one over the weekend. I was so thrilled with how well it turned out, and with the hot weather, it didn't take any time to dry.
Because the motivation was high, I also finished this little "thread holder" that I started AGES ago. The only problem is, now I want to make another one, and I can't remember where I found the pattern. Who can help me???
Inspired with the felt I've had a little experiment with broaches.

...and even made a special one for Chooky Blue when we met up for the first time on Friday.

Looking forward to the Easter Break...


Sunday, March 16, 2008

Achievements Plus ... this is x3

With the current hot hot hot weather, this is about the only thing at the moment that is looking remotely happy in my poor frazzled garden. We are all pinning our hopes on Tuesday...

I had planned last weekend to tidy up my pin board to find some inspiration, but another week has gone by, so I have decided just to let you know what my current board looks like and fill in my 3 missed weeks of the meme This is... inspired by Three Buttons (who by the way I met on Friday at the Stitches and Craft Show in Melbourne.) It was just a little bit of crafty heaven and Blogging Central down there. I was happy to be 'part of the gang'.
This is my inspiration board that needs a serious work over...

This is a couple of my creations (thanks to Betty the Geek for this week's theme)... this one supposed to be a heart, but many have mistaken it for a map of Tasmania!!and... this was my first sampler which I still have displayed in my sewing room. A special creation of mine, that has lead to years of happy enjoyment in sewing and needlework.And this is the view outside my front door... thans to Brooke for inspiring this one.
Fairly dull really, so I had to spice it up with the leadlight next to the door. I do enjoy a bit of our old house in our new. I realise I am slightly out of order here, but by George, I've done it, and I'm up to date. Phew!
I'm off to bed now ready to charge up batteries for the last week of term 1. Bring on the holidays once more.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Look what my last weekend squares turned into ...
The snow storm in my sewing room that cheneille sewing creates was all worth it in the end.
I am keen to sneak out to spotty and get some wadding so I can finish yet another project...
...stay tuned.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


I've really been enjoying all the inspiration boards, and it is really weird that this is the week that I've not caught up and joined in the the ...this is... from three buttons and the weekly idea from Pip. I love seeing other people's boards and what inspires them, and I've been thinking about my own. I don't change it enough, therefore after awhile I don't look at it, therefore it is no longer real inspiration. What I have been inspired to do this weekend, is clean up my inspiration board and make it worth looking at. I am continually collecting little things that do inspire me and putting them amongst the rubble, but if I had my board at the ready, and some pins, I might just use it properly. I was asked to make some Easter Cards for the Post Office where I have my other cards. I'm not really into sending Easter Cards myself, but from a business point of view, I was happy to oblige and the kids helped me and followed the chocolate eggs all around the garden while I snapped some shots. I have some good bribes at the ready right now.

I have been inspired by Betz White lately with all her georgous felting projects and am going ot try making some broaches. This was just a little try while watching TV the other night.

Another project I have started this weekend is my cheneille quilt. Ric Rac gave me 40 yummy squares for my 40th birthday (I'm not going to say how long ago that was!!) and I have been wanting to make it up since then. I have finally cut cut cut yesterday, and I'm about to lay it out on the floor when I publish this post. Wish me luck...
I'm just loving hanging out in my sewing room. My poor little Pete keeps saying I must come out to eat, but I really don't feel like it.

Friday, March 7, 2008

A project Finished

A good feeling to have a project finished. I've been working on this apron for my friend Brenda for a couple of months now, on and off. I started with gusto, but the last finishing touches is what took the time, and dragged out. Always seems to be the way with my projects. The apron she is using was bought on my wedding day, so it was only fitting that I completed the request, again on my wedding day, only 15 years on.
I hope she likes it!
I did some fun shopping this week with Auntie Cookie and was very excited not to miss out on these little trimmings rolled up on pegs.
A hot hot weekend ahead, so I am planning to do some serious sewing and stay indoors with the air conditioner. I might venture out into the garden in the evenings as the tank is f i n a l l y getting installed so anyone who has any rain about, send some my way soon.
...and some good news about my "flowergarden cards" - I have put them in my local post office, and to see them sitting on the counter For Sale was very exciting!! I hope someone else thinks so too and actually buys them...

Sunday, March 2, 2008

A New School Bag

My last school bag I made, I still love and adour, however, it is so huge, I find myself filling it up with school work each night and especially weekends, and then not looking at it all weekend, and then have to lug it back to school feeling guilty that I haven't done any work. - CRAZY!

So after buying this georgous fabric from Kristen Doran, which I absoulutely LOVE, I plotted and schemed for a long time to come up with the idea of another school bag - only this time smaller, so I didn't bring home so much work, and I get to see these lovely little birds every day.

I am actually looking forward to going to school tomorrow to show off my lovely new bag.

I have been having a lovely gardening weekend despite night time sewing of course, and my little Pete, has been working in his garden which he calls "Pete's Paradise." Look at the produce he yeilded. We will have to go on a neighbourhood walk and share them with our friends.

Oh, and just a spot of Double Delight which I couldn't help adding to my post.