Monday, August 31, 2009

First day of Spring

The humble wallflower is vivid in my garden at the moment
Very excited about this bud.  First time for this plant which I'm not even sure of it's name.  Does anyone know?
This reminds me of Cardygirl
So happy and carefree in my garden, just coming back year after year.
. . . and a white japonica mixed in with the red.   I love it!
Lots of these beauties
and the fruit trees just starting to flower.  This one will turn into white flesh peaches next season.  Yum!  Welcome to Spring!


blackanna said...

Hi Annie,
you lucky girl! Enjoy the spring! We have nearly end of summer and it makes me a little bit sad to see the first leaves falling.

Have a great time!
Monika from Germany

Jenny said...

Happy first day of Spring to you! Sorry don't know the name of that plant-lovely photos Annie-enjoy your week:)

Cardygirl said...

Hello! The nasturtium is lovely...I have them in my garden too as I love their happy faces! Thanks for thinking of your garden pics.

bennie and patsy said...

Happy first day of Spring. Your buds are wonderful. New life.

Leanne said...

Yeh spring soon to be summer. It could be an Aloe Vera plant the leaves look like one.

Juicy Roo said...

WOW Annie your garden has some very delicious things in it! It makes me feel rather ordinary about the neglected flower beds waaaaaaaay down the back of my yard! But I'm too busy stitching to deal with it....although your pics are very inspring. Enjoy ths Spring!

Alison Gibbs said...

Hi Annie thank goodness it is Spring - bring on the blooms and warmer weather

Alice said...

Lovely photos on a lovely day. Yes, Aloe Vera, that's if you're referring to the one with the tall, symetrical bud?

Calidore said...

My wall flowers are just starting to flower too. Aren't they scrummy and the scent is divine.

Barbara said...

For weeks already I've been a "silent" reader here, but now I want to leave a little hello. I like your blog, it's a good and beautiful mixture of two things I also love to do: gardening and patchwork/quilting. The latter is quite new to me...I only started one year ago, so I am still a beginner :-) !!
Enjoy a lovely Spring (we just started autumn ;-( !!).
Greetings from the other side of the world,

Kate said...

Your flowers are so gorgeous. We went house hunting this week and one house had their gardens in the open garden scheme. Just gorgeous, but I know I would manage to accidentally destroy it!

Shiree said...

Yeh welcome to spring! Everything in the garden 'bout to burst forth!!

Bren said...

20 degrees in Melbourne today. perfect for a walk up[ at Central Park. Looking forward to doing it again with you. How far has your garden come! Amazing, and great to see you getting so much joy form it.

Suse said...

I think your mystery plant is either an agave or an aloe vera.

Lovely pictures!