Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hot Sunny Spring Days


Alice said...

Lovely photos, Annie. I hope the weather has not become too hot and drying for your garden.

Do you find the poppies self-seed absolutely everywhere and become a bit of a pest? They are lovely though.

Kerri said...

What I'd give for some hot spring days! (I must be very patient!) I'm so glad you're enjoying them.
Your photos are really lovely. I have that same color poppy. Isn't it glorious?
It's good to see the long shots of your garden. You do a wonderful job and have so many beautiful plants. The water iris is spectacular! I've never seen such a dark Clematis before. Gorgeous!
Camping with 75 kids? Fun! :)
Getting help in the garden is fun too :)
Happy spring! I can't wait to be planting zinnias and sunflowers again. In the meantime I'll enjoy all the lovely blooms vicariously through your photos. Thanks for sharing them.

Kerri said...

P.S. I see you have a purple poppy too which is gorgeous. I have the salmon color. I must try to find a purple one.

Patsy said...

Annie your poppies are beautiful color.I would love to have some of the seeds. Pop over to my blog I have posted about you today. That quilt pattern you said I could copy is in progress.

wonderwoman said...

am not jealous at all - the fact that it is a howling gale outside and chucking it down with rain does not mean i am jealous!!!


Jenny said...

Your garden looks happy and beautiful:)

Jan said...

Hi Annie: I love seeing the photos of what's growing in your garden. The red poppy (previous post) looks just like mine; I must look for a purple one; it looks gorgeous.