Thursday, July 1, 2010

Here comes another one - just like the other one

All flannels - so soft and warm.
Hand quilted in pearl cotton - been working on it quietly for a few months, but another finish for the holidays. This one will be my new "TV Blankie"
. . . and a couple of Nikki purses for gifts.


trash said...

da da deh da da daaaaaaa!

Maree: said...

Love your Pretty & those Purses are so cute...very clever.

Jan said...

Well done, Annie, Love your cosy TV blankie; I have one too and wouldn't be without it. See you on Saturday!

Lizzie said...

Great colours Annie and I love the purses, I really must give them a go. With 5 granddaughters I'm at a loss as to why I haven't tried them before...??

Dionne said...

Love that TV quilt! It's fabulous!

wonderwoman said...

such a gorgeous quilt and those purses are lovely.


Muddling Through said...

Beautiful work, as always, Annie! You are really getting a lot done.

Jenny said...

Nice and snuggly and colourful and love the purses too