Monday, March 28, 2011

Art on Tuesdays

This is my first school display for my Prep Art Classes. I am having fun on Tuesdays.
Afternoon sunshine looking out my glass back door - what is Nellie looking at???
Small boy in garden bed, planting some beetroot seedlings
Lovely sight outside my back door


trash said...

Life is definitely art.

Gorgeous pics and would your beetroot planter like a job in the UK?

Elaine/Muddling Through said...

I LOVE looking out your back door. So many pretty things to see. Is that a plum bush your gardener is crouching behind? And I'll bet your students love you! That is some neat artwork.

Chocolate Cat said...

I love the photo of your 'gardener'! I need one of them. Home grown Beetroot - yum, my favorite vegie!

Jayne said...

Lovely, relaxing photos :)

Susan said...

I think their cut out cars displayed on the board is so delightful. The creators of those pictures will be thrilled to see them there too!

How nice to see the interest this fine young person has in the veggie garden.

Ozjane said...

That art work takes me back to the early '60's and the early '80's with a decade or more of libary and study thrown in between. It was the part of teaching I least! What a discraceful admission!!!
So the other photos are more pleasing memories.......and yet??
I was told my darling Moggie had cancer and eventually I woke up to try vitimized food and she is doing well and I think even gaining weight again. Love the way they look out a door or a window.

Sister Jayne said...

I bet you had plenty of car noises during that activity. Did they drive their drawings around the room?

Anonymous said...

Loved your art display, and I can imagine the children zooming their cars on the track.Peter is such a great gardener, maybe I'll get to taste the beetroots when I come down south!Annonymous