Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Flowers and Quilt Shows

A beautiful Ranunculus from Lambly - still can't do the video (any ideas greatfully received)
Dianthus Icing Sugar - in full bloom at my front door
I also went to the Ballarat Quilters Exhibition at the weekend just gone.
These were a few of my favourites
This Dear Jane reminded me that I really could get around to finishing mine. I have the book and a small selection of fabric. My dear friend keeps telling people I've nearly finished it.
I do love it!
I thought this window view quilt was very interesting. It appealed to me and my love of gazing out of windows


Michelle said...

Love the flowers... the ranuncula is stunning! Gorgeous quilts too thanks for sharing :O)

homeschooled said...

Lovely photos and. have you dusted off that "dear jane"?

Diane said...

Those little carnations are just adorable. Lovely photo of them, as well!

Kentish Keg-Meg said...

Beautiful quilts and flowers.

JB said...

Love the window quilt. What a good idea. I too love gazing out the window, but in this climate I am usually outside the window and in the garden.