Friday, May 18, 2012

An Autumn Walk around my Flowergarden


Nelly and Max were far too busy snoozing on the new quilt!

"Dearest"- this one is a cutting from my mum, and she is the Dearest!


"Jude the Obscure"

Smoke Bush - just beautiful and so delicate

My Tree Daliah - what is left after a windy day.  It was double the size and loaded with buds, and one day I came home to it half on the ground.  Very disappointing, but enjoying what is left.

Very proud of my African Violets. 
I have FINALLY found the right position for them.


Leaucantha - white

A new Chook in the family - still settling in. 

So much Autumn Joy!
Love it 
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Leanne said...

Great snaps Annie, Hasn't the weather been wonderful of late, well it has been in SA.

Susan said...

Gorgeous photos - I love Autumn too, but don't have your talent in the garden.

homeschooled said...

i love that tree dahlia!

thornberry said...

Beautiful! I adore those African Violets - they always remind me of my Gran; she had a little glasshouse especially for hers.

JB said...

Tree Dahlias often disappoint after a windy day. MS accidently broke off a large branch of a special white frilly one when mowing a customers lawn the other day. Customer was fine and gave MS the piece for me to grow. It is a huge piece so I will share some with you. I might give you a large stake to go with it!

Muddling Through said...

As always, Annie, everything in your garden is just beautiful!

blandina (aracne) said...

I like the contrast between the leaves with autumn colours and the roses, that always speak of spring to me. Your garden looks so peaceful, I bet that you work many long hours in it.

smartcat said...

What beautiful roses! Thanks for a good walk.

Susan said...

Such a beautiful peaceful walk through your delightful garden Annie. The smokebush is lovely and it was interesting to see the Tree Dahlia. I was given some pieces to plant and never got around to it. Will definitely do so :D)