Friday, August 3, 2012

Lots of Wool about . . .

Glorious Morning Shawl

This is the 2nd one of these I've made;
pattern by Vicki Mikulak on

I picked up this pattern at Lincraft in the free patterns

My daughter is 'slightly' older than said picture, but the pattern said to make it bigger just add a few extra rows "here"

. . . so I did - just so pleased with myself for following a random pattern and completing it so quickly. 

My mum did this beautiful weaving with wool for this scarf

. . . and . . . ta daaaaa

my bag is complete and in circulation

full of pockets and hiding magnetic clasps

I love it!
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Michelle said...

You'll definitely keep warm and be stylish with your new bag as well...:O)

Jodie said...

Annie, you are so productive...Sorry about last night it was a very very late meeting again. Went home for a meltdown.

Jan said...

Warm and wonderful! Hope to be at craft next time (will have to get a few more finishes under my belt so I'm not on the show-and-tell sidelines!)

Muddling Through said...

Just beautiful - all of it, but especially the new bag. Looks like you will get a lot of happy use out of that one.

wonderwoman said...

wow you have been busy - such gorgeousness!!!!!xxx

Karen said...

Amazing Annie, love the knitting and that bag is very impressive. You get so much done I am in awe!

homeschooled said...

Lovely shawls/scarves!
Where do you find the time?
Yes call in Wednesday morning?