Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"Little bits of happiness"

We're coming to the end of Autumn.  I went out into my garden today, thinking that it would be hard to find much that I could take photos of.  It was cold, overcast and bleak. As I started searching, I kept finding
"little spots of happiness".

Hot Lips - Salvia had strong colour in the cold

A pink Nerrine was peeping through the leaves of the spent
Japanese Windflowers

These guys! or rather girls, I keep finding out of their palace EVERY morning.  Look what they have done to my once nice neat pile of horse poo. 
Probably taken all the worms too.

Thinking the beauty was limited outside, I went into my shed . . . I found these poppy seed heads that I couldn't bare to part with in the summer time.
I'd made arrangements in pots from my clever sister.

This sign was made many years ago, to make no mistake as to whose shed this belonged to - I have changed sheds since then, but it still fits.  We have his and her's sheds in our family.

Oh . . . and then I came inside, and did a bit of blog looking, and read about the "little spots of happiness."  I totally related to it, and thought yes, I had just found those little spots of happiness in my world.
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Monday, May 28, 2012


The colour and form of these Rag Rugs are addictive

The big bowl was given to me at Easter time with eggs in it by my sister.
Happy Birthday Fiona!
I just love this basket, and it seems to be made with junk mail.
I'm going to nut out how to do it.

The little bowl I found on Etsy, from Snuggly Monkey.
It is super cute and made with fabric.

I just love all the colours all mixed in together - I love
the way they are so happy, like dancing fairies in the garden

Not sure how big it is going to end up.  When it's there I think I'll know - yes, all wovens Megan.

For a real dose of PUPPY LOVE, click here
It brought many smiles to my face.
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Sunday, May 27, 2012


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A new Bag
Indigo Junction Pattern

And some more of my rainbow quilt that I'm loving on my bed.

The trees are starting to lose their leaves...
Winter is on it's way
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Friday, May 25, 2012

I've been to Sewjourn and I'm inspired!

This is my new Nikki Mallalieu Skirt made from a woolley, polar fleece type fabric from Spotty, with a Corduroy panel in the front.  VERY very warm - a great Yard Duty Skirt and a nice splash of colour for a change.

I made this after coming home from Sewjourn where I was totally inspired by clever women, who are magnificent garment sewers.

This top below is a Renfrew Top that I made at the weekend.  I was thrilled with how this turned out.

I also had a go at the Toilet Bag pattern from Nikki's book. The arched one is how it is supposed to look, the other one is a classic example of not following the instructions.  I'm sure there could be a use for a long, slipper shaped bag however.   Hmmmm

Amongst the fabrics is my new camera strap made from scraps.  Thanks to the inspiration from Amanda Jean's new book Sunday Morning Quilts.
Here it is again on the model!

This was some more inspiration from Amanda Jean's book.  Love painting with fabrics and colour.

Thanks girls for a wonderful weekend.  More photos of our fun can be found over here. 
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Friday, May 18, 2012

An Autumn Walk around my Flowergarden


Nelly and Max were far too busy snoozing on the new quilt!

"Dearest"- this one is a cutting from my mum, and she is the Dearest!


"Jude the Obscure"

Smoke Bush - just beautiful and so delicate

My Tree Daliah - what is left after a windy day.  It was double the size and loaded with buds, and one day I came home to it half on the ground.  Very disappointing, but enjoying what is left.

Very proud of my African Violets. 
I have FINALLY found the right position for them.


Leaucantha - white

A new Chook in the family - still settling in. 

So much Autumn Joy!
Love it 
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