Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dr Pompo's Nose and friends

At school yesterday I came across the great book about Dr Pompo's Nose.  It was a 'crack up', and the children loved it, begging me to read the bit again where he had no nose "Good Hebbens!"

I couldn't resist that night while watering my neighbours vegi patch while they were away, just sneaking 2 of the many little golden nugget pumpkins, and making some faces, to take to school today. Needless to say, the children were delighted, and the 2 pumkin friends sat up and had a wonderful day at school!

Here are a couple of early morning shots of my front garden, now the sawdust paths are well established.

These 4o'clocks are so happy and bright.  Lasting just a short while but making a statement while they are here.

. . . and a BIG thank you to Mr Fothergill!!!!  A timely box of goodies arrived at my front door last week.  How did Mr Fothergill know that I have changed jobs at school this year, and am no longer looking after Lost Property, but am helping the Environmental Monitors with the grounds at school. 

These little goodies, will be a welcome bonus to start the year off.

In between the madness of it all, I find just a little time for some quilting.  Back to this one that has been hanging on my design wall since last I went to Sewjourn in November.
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FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Those little pumpkins are so dang cute. No wonder your kids loved them. I've never heard or read that book, it sounds cute.

Your gardens are wonderful!! Makes me want to get out into mine, but I've got things to do indoors today as I've got company coming tomorrow.

Nice box of goodies you got there, enjoy them.

Have fun with your quilting too.

Hugs ~ FlowerLady

Quiltedtime said...

Oh, I will have to find that book and read it to my little students!

Are those beautiful clear stones part of a bird bath? Intriguing photo!

Thimbleanna said...

You're such a wonderful teacher! Those little pumpkins are too cute -- and perfect to go along with your story. Your gardens look gorgeous too!

homeschooled said...

I love the pumpkins.
I heard a story once of some Aussies who house swapped with some Brits. They had those lovely pumpkins in the garden, in the UK, so the visotors picked a whole lot for a dinner party and made soup which they served in the pumpkins.
The pumpkins were very precious and to be used as ornaments. DID NOT go down well!

Muddling Through said...

What great visual aids! They will never forget that story. Your gardens look beautiful. And the quilt - oh, my - can't wait to see it grow some more.

Anonymous said...

Love Dr Pompos Nose