Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Autumn Walk around my Garden

Very excited to get these flowers on my Brunmansia

I got a cutting from my neighbour last year, and since putting it in the ground, it has taken off, and is now flowering.

My Ginger Lillies are just coming into thier own. I was lucky to find 3 new colours at the Garden Show in Melbourne on Saturday.

My beautiful Double Delight continues to make me smile.

I love this single white rose, that turns pinkish as it ages.  I don't know her name, as I got it at a Fruit Market in a little cart.

These mini cyclamen are just popping up from a crusty old bulb in the ground.  I get a lovely surprise each year when they arrive.

Burgandy Ice is a prolific rose, and always looks good in my garden

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JB said...

No photos showing on this page may account for no comments. Sounds like you and Mum had good fun at the Flower show. By the way, robots must have good eye sight.