Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Ballarat Botanical Gardens

I went for an official tour of the Botanical Gardens
for the first day of Spring in Ballarat.

There is a whole avenue of Prime Minister Busts, dating back to federation.

So many bulbs and plantings.

The Camelia Section was AMAZING . . .

I'm just moving into my Camelia Stage!

Old old trees - such forsight from the pioneers of our town.

. . . and this is one of my bulbs - Rip Van Winkle

. . . a different type of daffodil.

A beautiful bag from a friend
from across the seas -

. . . and a huge THANK YOU to Mr Fothergill - He must know that I am one of those in charge of our school gardens.  We have recently put up a hot house in the school grounds, so these seeds will be just the thing for the children to plant, watch and grow.

My tulips at home are just starting to show magnificent colour.  The photo doesn't really capture the rich colours.
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Paula Shaw said...

Amazing photos Annie. I love our gardens too

Leanne said...

LOVE the sulphur crested guy. Lovely walk through your botanic gardens.

Karen said...

Oooh your tulips are beautiful Annie as are those camelia's.

JB said...

How lucky are you to have a hot house at school! You will be paid to play in it with the children!!!Just a little jealous. Do you remember Grandpa's camilias? My memory is vague but a forest of flowers growing out of 44 gallon drums comes to mind. The ground, a carpet of fallen petals. no wonder our mother was inspired to try and grow them, it is just too hot up here.