Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Holidays

 I hope everyone is enjoying some relaxing holiday time.
 I have been having some fun making these little bunnies
 Good Friday was good indeed.  Our neighbours had some exciting news
 Their Quail eggs had hatched, and there were 6 little babies scurrying around the bottom of thier avairy.
 They are so tiny and cute - like mini baby chickens.
 Fascinating to watch - great holiday entertainment!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Playing Hooky

When I saw this on Attic24's Blog, I couldn't help myself.

I got my hooks out and my fingers resumed the rhythm with ease.
I was wrapped with this little guy!

The Quilting Group that I have recently joined has started a Blog to Showcase thier work. Pop over and have a look.  The quilt below is a photo taken from that blog.  The new Blog is called: 22 Begonias

I'm looking forward to the new challenges and friendships.
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Autumn walk around my Garden


Ginger Lilly

Double Delight

Mini Cylclamen

Burgandy Ice
I've had a lot of trouble uploading this post - 3rd time lucky, but couldn't write all the stories again.  I hope this works...fingers crossed!
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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Autumn Walk around my Garden

Very excited to get these flowers on my Brunmansia

I got a cutting from my neighbour last year, and since putting it in the ground, it has taken off, and is now flowering.

My Ginger Lillies are just coming into thier own. I was lucky to find 3 new colours at the Garden Show in Melbourne on Saturday.

My beautiful Double Delight continues to make me smile.

I love this single white rose, that turns pinkish as it ages.  I don't know her name, as I got it at a Fruit Market in a little cart.

These mini cyclamen are just popping up from a crusty old bulb in the ground.  I get a lovely surprise each year when they arrive.

Burgandy Ice is a prolific rose, and always looks good in my garden

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Travelling and Birthdays

Master Flowergarden turned 13 last week
and has a secret yearning to live in a caravan.

This is what I made him
Kristen Doran Design

Yes, yes, I won't keep it for myself in my sewing room.  He has his own blue counch in his Music Studio which was once called a bedroom!

This is the progress of the knitting

This is what is being created by my clever mum!

She'll have to stay longer, I still haven't had my lessons!!!
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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Buckets for Market

I enjoyed playing with delicious fabrics this weekend

Slightly addicted once I got started

. . . and a few coasters with the left over scraps

Mum's in town for a visit, so the KNITTING MACHINE is getting a workout.

A slight hold up with some missing needles, but Marlene is coming to the rescue with good ol' Aussie Post.  Thanks Marlene!

Watch this space . . .
and that ball of lovely green wool!
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