Thursday, February 13, 2014

Last baby of the season

We've had a couple of days under 35 degrees, and it has been such a relief.
It's allowed me to see some flowers again in my garden - not scorching!
 They ARE the tough ones, but beautiful all the same.
This rose is Remember Me.

 This is Jayne Austin -
planted for my sister Jayne
 . . . and the every hardy Aggies
 This is my last little baby for the season.  There were 2, but it was too hot.
There were more eggs, but they came to nothing -
only the strong survive.
 I had to keep an eye on Max yesterday as the baby insisted on perching right on the edge of the cage.  Luckily this hay bale kept him busy for awhile.  He loves rubbing all over it.

 Stay safe little baby . . .


Leanne said...

You garden looks wonderful despite the heat. It has rained here all day I can hear the earth sighing.

catherine roberts said...

Yes you are lucky to keep it looking so well,Im adding an azalia and a Radermachera into mine and am looking at a golden shower tree too,its only a small garden with a handful fruit trees,trying to get color like your garden

Quiltedtime said...

I am assuming you mean 35 degrees Celsius. 35 degrees Farhenheit is just short of freezing here. Fortunately, we don't get many of those days.

Your flowers and little bird are lovely.

Muddling Through said...

Jayne is beautiful and Max looks supremely innocent!

WJB said...

Your flowers are lovely Annie, and that last little baby is special. we are having soaking rain all day and night, can you believe it?

Bloom said...

Happy 2014 Annie! Sorry it's been a while since I said hello. Think of you often when I wander around my garden. Terribly hot summer. Our electricity bill is sky high because of extra pumping of water to keep everything alive. Much cooler here today too. Blessed relief! Lovely photos. Inspires me to get gardening this weekend :) Ros x

Rita @The Crafty Expat said...

Your flowers are so beautiful Annie! My garden looks so sad at the moment, it's all dried up...

Susan said...

Hi Annie, loving your tough, but beautiful, group of flowers. Glad the temp has dropped for you.
Sad for the baby birds who didn't make it.
It's been an incredible summer hasn't it.
Cheers now :D)

Thimbleanna said...

Awwww, only one baby? He sure is pretty. And your flowers are beautiful!