Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March Madness

 When I had a look back at the posts I have done for March, there were surprisingly only 2 - it has been a very busy month.
 The weather is beginning to change and I'm loving the colour in the trees, but the rain refuses to come.  Everything is still SO DRY!
 My faithful flowers continue to shine however, and come up by seed where I don't even plant them.  I enjoy these ones so much.  I have lots of tomatoes that came up late by seedlings, and are setting fruit. 

I'm wrapped with my capsicum plants.  We had one with our tea tonight, and it was so satisfying picking it straight from the garden.  I've never had great success with capsicums but this year is a winner.

There is a baby about to arrive in the neighbourhood.
I think it is only 2 weeks away, so thought I'd better get busy and make a quilt for the new arrival.  She already has a boy, so I have decided that the new one will be a girl.

Quilting and binding, and then I will probably relent, and make a boy one too!


Thimbleanna said...

Haha -- you're so funny! It's good to have both a girl and boy quilt on hand. And that little girl quilt looks like it's going to be so pretty!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

That baby girl quilt is oh so lovely, but you are smart to make one for a boy too, just in case. :-)

Happy Autumn and I hope you get some rain.


Andi said...

A beautiful garden. A gorgeous quilt!
Lovely x

apiecefullife said...

Youe garden is gorgeoua Annie.
Nice bit of rain this morning.

jodie said...

RAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!! I am at home enjoying it for you. I went outside to listen to the rain going into the tank. Is there are term for a rain-nerd, cause I am it !

The secret word to type is RAIN. Truly. i took a screenshot to show you !

JB said...

Originally pink was for baby boys! I have an after school pottery boy who's favourite colour is pink!

Elaine/Muddling Through said...

Your little girl quilt is SO pretty, but yes, you're probably wise to have backup. I can't get over how lush and happy everything in your garden looks even without as much water as you'd like. Really beautiful!

Sue Walker said...

And she rain, and it RAINED! You have powers! Well, my Mum thought Kyan would be a boy and so she made bright and I mean hot pink Pyjamas for him, she didn't do a backup, he wore bright pink pyjamas, he had the long ringlet hair to go with it though!

Leanne said...

Here's hoping its a girl. My capsicums have been terrible this year go figure !!!!!!

Locket Pocket said...

Hmmmm. I'm not sure your quilt will have the power to choose whether the baby is a girl! You may need a back up!! ;) xx

Susan said...

Your garden is gorgeous Annie. Lovely colours, so bright.
The quilt is beautiful and, yes, I expect you will relent and make one for a boy. Love the material choice :D)

Jenny said...

I hear you about the busyness of March-sure has been March madness and we are off on school camp the second half of this week. You garden looks lovely and those capsicum plants look very healthy. Love the baby quilt too