Saturday, July 26, 2014

New Technology

 I may have just worked out how to upload photos from my phone . . .
Therefore, there is a bit of an update on things I've been doing.
At the start of the holidays, I had a wonderful day helping my clever friend
Ric Rac on her award winning stall at the Craft Show in Melbourne.
 She is a very clever girl who makes exquisite toys
I took a fancy to this bag.  It's a bit small to see the writing but it says:
"DANGER - Creative Genius At Work"
 My winter couch time has been taken up mostly with my mini hexi's and I'm getting close to putting the purse together.
 I always fit time in for crotcheting!
 Posted these to a friend in Tassie, as she took a fancy to the one's I'd made and thought she'd like a pair in orange.
 And then a thrill today to see my friend Nichole in Ballarat.
She was teaching one of her purse classes at our "local" - so a few of us went to catch up after class.

 Yes, she was really here -
Lovely to see you Nic.
"Love ya work"


Diane at My Cottage Garden said...

Annie, you've been busy! Glad you got on to your phone camera. They are so useful. Mine (a Blackberry) doesn't take the 'best quality) pictures I find, but they're fine and it's so very handy. Even to take a photo of something in a store, the instruction tag, using it for price comparison - there are a million uses! LOL. Happy Weekend.

Susan said...

Good to see your busyness has been of the fun variety.

apiecefullife said...

Great post Annie. You are always so busy.

Quiltedtime said...

Love your mini-hexes. Those are going to make one adorable purse.

Jodie said...

Hahahah, you are the master of your technology.

Jenny said...

You girls have so much fun :)

WJB said...

Wish that I had been there to see Nic, she is such a clever girl. Hope that the ladies in the class liked their purses. your purse with the patch work is probably finished by now.