Saturday, July 26, 2014

New Technology

 I may have just worked out how to upload photos from my phone . . .
Therefore, there is a bit of an update on things I've been doing.
At the start of the holidays, I had a wonderful day helping my clever friend
Ric Rac on her award winning stall at the Craft Show in Melbourne.
 She is a very clever girl who makes exquisite toys
I took a fancy to this bag.  It's a bit small to see the writing but it says:
"DANGER - Creative Genius At Work"
 My winter couch time has been taken up mostly with my mini hexi's and I'm getting close to putting the purse together.
 I always fit time in for crotcheting!
 Posted these to a friend in Tassie, as she took a fancy to the one's I'd made and thought she'd like a pair in orange.
 And then a thrill today to see my friend Nichole in Ballarat.
She was teaching one of her purse classes at our "local" - so a few of us went to catch up after class.

 Yes, she was really here -
Lovely to see you Nic.
"Love ya work"

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sister Love

 Being the middle of winter, and my love of flannelette, I started cutting up some squares for a Winter Quilt. 
 Birthday Love from my sisters - this beautiful addition to my Flowergarden
Made with vintage plates and glasses, on a metal stake
I just love it!
 And some beautiful lilies for my 'inside' garden
 Just a magnificent scent in the air
. . . and lovely reminders of Sisters Love

Saturday, July 12, 2014


 Bags and a little Snap Purse
 That's what's been happening in my sewing room . . . amongst other things
 Both lovely patterns from Nichole Mallalieu.
Did you know she's written a second book?
The Better Bag Maker - A "must have" for bag lovers like me.
 . . . and Master Flowergarden 14 had fun with his dinner last night, making creations . . .

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Annie's Aprons

 A friend asked me to make her a couple of aprons for gifts.
I had fun choosing the fabrics and getting them ready.
 She showed them to another friend who has a lovely shop in Melbourne called
That led onto an order for the shop.  I have made some more big ones and some pint sized ones as well.
I'm enjoying being on 2 weeks holiday from school, and have even been attacking my hexagon project.