Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The holidays have been great.  We've even been to a family wedding.
Many years ago, my cousin married a school teacher and got married in the January Holidays.
This year her second daughter married a school teacher and there were lots of memories while getting ready for a wedding in the January Holidays.  Only this time instead of being one of the children, I took 2 of my own children.  The cycle of life if amazing.

 Another great thing I've done lately is go to our local Botanical Gardens.
 They are a WONDERFUL place to see blooms displayed in such a fantastic way.  The hydrangeas were magnificent, and look at the hanging baskets below.  They were filled with Lobelia and looked like drifts of clouds in glass house.
A lovely place to sit, and think about life.

 Certainly very inspiring and motivating to get back home to my garden.  I sometimes forget about this wonderful place that is really so close to my home.  They even have a nursery where they propagate plants from the gardens and sell to the general public.  Thank Marlene for taking me.
 Starting to think about school again, just quietly on the side. A couple of weeks to go until I'm back in the thick of it.


Susan said...

Beautiful photos Annie. The cycle does continue, more and more amazing the older I get.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Lovely photos from your family wedding.

Loved the photos from the botanical gardens too. Makes me want to go to the local one here again. Going to these gardens inspires us and makes us appreciate our own garden spaces.

Enjoy the rest of your holidays.


Patsy said...

You have a lovely garden and enjoy seeing your flowers, now that we are deep in to winter.

Muddling Through said...

What a wonderfully inspirational treasure you have so near! Ah, the circle of life - the older you get, the more apparent it becomes.

Jan said...

Gorgeous wedding and garden pics, Annie. We love the Bots and always take visitors there. The Prime Ministers' Avenue is always a hit. When do you go back to school? Hope we can fit in another coffee before then!

Sue said...

I love the gardens too and try to do a walk there at
least once a fortnight, such a gorgeous place to sit and be surrounded by. I'm not ready for school return at all! Or work next week!

Anonymous said...

love all the Flowers at the Botanical Gardens the Hydrangers special Drofla