Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Happy Fall Y'all

 From Fall, I flew right back to Spring Time!
My garden had gone crazy with growth in the time I had been away. 
 I missed a lot of my beautiful bulbs, but there were just a few left for me to enjoy.  I don't know if I could leave again at this time of the year.  So much going on in the garden.

 I enjoyed going to LOTS of Quilt and Yarn shops in the USA.  I'm glad my suitcase expanded a little, to fit in some booty for the trip home.

 My wonderful hosts, Dave and Manda - thank you guys SO MUCH for your hospitality and friendship. It was wonderful catching up and spending time together.
 I managed a little bit of hooking while away.  Here is one of the scarves that I am modelling.  Finished it in the Smokey Mountains with the bears!
 I had a go at carving a pumpkin for Halloween.  I had fun and was very impressed with the outcome.  Manda is going to put it at her front door on the 31st and wait for the trick or treaters.
It's good to be home again, but I'm definitley going back . . . 


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Good morning Annie ~ I'm glad you still had some lovely blooms in your gardens to come home to.

It's nice that you had a really wonderful time with your friends, that you stitched on your trip and brought home some goodies from those great looking shops. Your scarf fits right in to the fall colors.

You did a GREAT job with your pumpkin.

Happy Spring to you ~ FlowerLady

Sue Walker said...

I've missed you! Let's catch up soon maybe not walking I wore out most of my body parts recently but coffee? In a small trip away I missed a lot in the garden so I can't imagine a month! Maybe a Winter trip?

Elaine/Muddling Through said...

Oh, so glad you had a good visit. Any special reason, or have I just missed the whole conversation? I know what you mean about leaving in Springtime. In our climate, the spring and fall are my favorite times. I don't at all mind leaving in the dead of gloomy winter or the heat of blistering summer!

Jan said...

Welcome home, Annie! Hope we can catch up soon. All the time you were away I thought of all the loveliness you'd be missing in your garden, and of all your wonderful adventures too. xx

Anonymous said...

hi annie!! miss you lots, wish you were here munching on waffles, did you buy a waffle iron yet? say hi to johnny. love manda.