Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Lots of reasons why . . .

 I don't seem to have been blogging much lately, but there are lots of reasons why.  Firstly, I'll show you these amazing flowers on my cactus plant.  It has had 2 flowerings so far, and one time there were 11 flowers out at once.  There are still more buds coming. 
 The flowers only last 2 days, so you have to keep a watch on them or you miss them, and it is a spectacular display even if fleeting.
 Iceland Poppies out my bedroom window says a cheery good morning.
 I have been to the Mountains.
 Dinner Plain to be precise.
 A beautiful Chalet called Cloud 9.  We were guests to test out the service.  Business starting up in 2016

 I even had a ride on the back of a motor bike from Dinner Plain to Omeo and back again.  Got the thrills out of the way that day.
 Back in my garden for a bit, then . . .
 off to Cape Bridgewater near Portland to visit a cousin.

 Beautiful farm house and lovely weekend away.
 Then to Melbourne Botanical Gardens for an award ceremony.

 Our school won the best recycled garden award. 
 Loved walking around the gardens quietly when all the kids went back to school.
 I've been busy doing lots of interesting things . . .
so there's lots of reasons why I haven't been blogging much of late.  I think I'll head out into my garden again tomorrow.  


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Dear Annie ~ I wondered where you've been, now I know. You've been busy enjoying life.

Happy Holidays ~ FlowerLady

Jan said...

Beautiful flowers, lovely outings. So nice.

JB said...

Good to hear you are enjoying your time off and having a good look around. With good company I am sure.

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