Monday, May 1, 2017

The Days are getting colder

 I'm not quite ready for Winter yet.  There is always so many jobs in the garden and lots of colour still happening - not just leaves this year but lots of flowers and bulbs too.  I have been busy planting my Spring Bulbs, but still have a few to go in the shed.  I keep finding bags of them that I have tucked away.
 Normally in Autumn I am busy crochering, but I haven't even started yet.  i was excited to purchase some wool from Lucy Lockett Land and am going to cast on some socks tomorrow on my knitting machine.  That is if the weather doesn't look good.
 I have made some new guards around some of my garden beds with corrigated iron edging and used some of my rocks to build up other bed edges.  The black birds in the garden have been annoying me, and kicking up the dust and even dislodging bulbs and little plants.  I've used bits of wire too, to put them off a b it, but they are pretty persistent.  Now my cats are not in the garden they have a new found confidence.

 The Autumn Flush of roses is alwys welcome and I am really making the most of the last ones, picking some for inside.  I have a lot of black spot at the moment even though I've sprayed. 

 My Pink Crinums put on a good show this year.  The best ever - they must finally be comfortable where they are.  There are a few hiding under my hydrangea's that i will need to move in the winter time.  I just have to remember. 
I still do declare that Autumn is my favourite season.


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Wow, here you are heading into colder weather, and enjoying autumn, and summer's heat and humidity are starting to be felt here in s.e. FL. I am so thankful for air-conditioning.

You have beautiful flowers.

Happy sock knitting and happy autumn ~ FlowerLady


Preciosas fotografías, me encantan las flores, besos

Patsy said...

It is so much of a delight to see your lovely flowers.
We are in spring rains now, but like you autumn is my
very favorite time of the year.

Elaine/Muddling Through said...

Beautiful, Annie! It is always a joy to me to see your gorgeous plants and flowers. It is blisteringly hot here!

Emily Alyn said...

Wow! What a Beautiful flower is

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Top Knotch Media said...

The days are getting longer here and our flowers are more beautiful than ever

Danny | Instant Gardens said...

Beautiful flowers, Annie! Very refreshing to see those flowers in different colours.

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