Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Sun has Gone Down

The sun has gone down on our holidays. Tomorrow it is back to routine, and the fast pace returns. How I have enjoyed just being at home these last few days, and doing as I please. I was more than just a little depressed today, and had to spend a good deal of time on my garden seat, pondering the beauty that surrounded me. I get so much pleasure from my garden and enjoy every minute I spend in it. I mowed the lawn today and it looked so nice.

My eldest son was inquisitive as to why I took photos of my plants. They are there for such a short time and I want to enjoy them always. Gardening is such a changing hobby. I go out on inspections every morning to see what's new and what's coming and what has finished until next year.

I am thrilled with this Crab Apple that is a dark red and a lovely shape. I have been admiring them in other people's gardens and then when this one flowered, I knew why I liked it so much...I had chosen one at the nursery for myself. This is the first year it has flowered.

This is my friend Matilda that my Father in Law made me for Christmas last year. She sits beside me when I sit on the garden seat, and I can chat away to her. She is very agreeable!

My 'Cobolt Towers' Echium is MAGNIFICENT! It has about 3 spikes that have come out in flower since the holidays have started, but many many more to come. It has had LOTS of babies this year, so I am happily sharing them with my friends.

I have the smaller one 'Candy Cans' out the front and it has grown quite a lot in size and I am looking forward to it's flowering too!

I think Gardening is like meditation to me. When I am out in my garden I feel very relaxed. I love to chat to my chickens, and relax amongst the beauty of nature.

Another orchid has come into flower .... must I go back to school tomorrow?


Bren said...

I often wonder how we can prolong the feeling of tranquility and relaxation that we get from a holiday - just reading your thoughts abpout your garden it is clear that for you, the way to a feeling of relaxtion is through connecting with nature. I prescribe daily doses of time at your garden seat! I think gardening has it over craft in this respect! (Sorry craft!)

Jenny said...

Oh Annie, I do so empathise with you-that will be me next week!!Your garden and photos are so lovely. Thank goodness for Matilda and the chooks too. It is always hard going back to school after any holiday-especially a relaxing one. I think that it is just the pace of teaching that is so hectic and you never really switch off.Hope you find some time this week to spend in your special garden.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Your garden is looking lovely Annie -sorry your holiday is over! Lucy x

Robyn said...

Hey Annie

What is that pretty pink ruffled thing about the third pic from the bottom of the post?

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

Hi Annie, such pretty photos of your garden. Yes isn't it a bummer when you have to get back into routine and back to work. I'm making a slow start this week too.

Patch said...

thanks for the lovely comments you left on my blog. As a beginner I was thrilled that it was looked at. You have some stunning photos in yours. I have another week of school holidays yet and am making the most of them!

Donna said...

I feel much better after those pics Annie - I'm the same. I go out every day and check what has come into flower this spring. I have a boston ivy across the front retaining wall and every day I'm sure it grows a foot. Amazing plant.

Cathy said...

your garden is just divine. I love reading your blog and looking at all your beautiful photos.