Sunday, August 3, 2008

More Bags

Another 2 bags done this week for girls at work. "School bags with class" are my latest specialty!
I did mean to take photos during the day with the "natural" light, but I got side tracked gardening - playing in my vegi patch
When I finished the bags late last night, I was just dying to do something just for fun, so I put together these japanese squares I've had lying about waiting to be sewn - not sure what will become of it next, but I am liking what I see.
Nelly is striking the pose that I was, when I realised the sun had gone down and I hadn't taken those photos!!!
Have a good week everyone



I took some more photos after school and the girls were thrilled with them. The fabric BTW is from the talented Kristen Doran - I LOVE her designs.


Bren said...

Hi Annie
Love the bags, and glad you had some quality time in your veggie patch. I Babydoc had a great time in Mildura, which included poker, pizza, and sailing down the Murray. Middleman off to Hotham for a skicamp this week...All sounds like lots of fun!!
Love B.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Gorgeous bags Annie - they certainly are "school bags with class!!" Love the Japanese block - great fabric.

trashalou said...

Nelly is saying 'Doh!', right?

Jenny said...

I am liking what I see too! Lovely Japanesy squarey quilt and those bags are awesome!!! Your school staff definitely have class with a capital C!!-Thanks to you!

picciolo said...

Those bags look great, I love the combinations of fabrics you have used. And your japanese squares are gorgeous, I have some of those fabrics too!
: )

Helz said...

Your Classy Bags are just that Annie... Waiting with Anticipation to see your creation from the lovely Japanese Fabrics... Very Nice.

Maree said...

Your bags are lovely what your doing with the Japenese fabrics.

M.Kate said...

Annie, these are absolutely wonderful bags!!

wonderwoman said...

wow those bags are lovely, what lucky friends!
hope the veggies are doing ok, just gonna go and see what i can pick of mine!

Leanne said...

Love the bags...what lucky work mates you have.

Cheeky Beaks said...

You always do such a beautiful job with my fabrics, thanks for sharing. I have more of the red ladybugs on both fabrics in store now (just haven't listed on my website yet).

Jodie said...

Awesome Annie, I know both the recipients just loved their bags. Especially the secret pockets !!!

Jean said...

Your bags turned out great!
But, I really like your japanese blocks... I have tons that I've been waiting to do something with. Now, I guess I found out what I need to do to bring them all together. Beautiful! I love the sashing... it really makes it lovely.
Keep up the good work!
So, how does your garden grow?
I need to get out and weed mine! LoL... it's just been sooo hot, I need to get up earlier and get something done b/4 the heat arrives. Have a fun week.

nicolette said...

Love the Japanese fabric blocks!!

Melanie said...

What very prectical bags- here in the UK I see so many lovely bags which when you go to look at them you'd hardly fit anything in- those look superb.

I love your koi fabric. I keep meaning to do a x-stitch of a koi in my spare spare spare time (yep it's got that busy!) as they are such beautiful fish. Love the sashing you chose with the squares.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Your bags are gorgeous - I'm not surprised your friends were pleased! Love the pussy cat photo too! Lucy x