Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Reports in full swing

Yes, that time of year again for teachers, and I don't know why I had to completely, I mean COMPLETELY rearrange the furniture in my sewing room. There are literally piles upon piles of projects and paperwork EVERYWHERE!!!!! (the above photo was taken last year in a much neater state than now)
hmmmm the things I do under pressure - oh, and I did whip up this skirt in denim with a stretchy band for Miss 12. I was just thrilled she wanted "her mum" to make her a skirt.
I am definitely going up in the fashion stakes.
Deadline Mon - I wonder what will happen next around here!


Julie said...

Just said to hubby "gee lucky I'm not a teacher", he hates me re-arranging and having super clean ups because he can never find anything.

faeryfay said...

I like the skirt for Miss 12. I have twin Miss 12's and a Miss 13! Crazy I know! I am constantly crochetting and knitting them beanies, headbands and scarves etc. Some they wear, and some they don't! :-) Love your garden and flower pictures!

Nikki said...

If you need any more procrastination techniques, I could... errr... write a book about them. (Only I'd probably procrastinate).

I still want to move into your sewing room, Annie.

Jenny said...

That room is too lovely not to spend time in-reports just so get in the way