Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sharing some Autumn Glory

Let me introduce you to our 3 newest editions. The bright yellow one is Sunny, the Green Speckled one is called Lexar (after Pete's USB) and the white one with blue tinges is called Betty Bird.

Finally with the passage of time, I some of my own Autumn leaves. I am just LOVING them, even though we have just clicked into Winter.

It hasn't stopped me from being the "Resident Leaf Thief" around Ballarat still.

My Medlar Tree is just stunning this year.


Lizzie said...

Lovely Annie, ours have finished now, 20 mins down the road and all the gold has gone :( I'm loving your Medlar, have you seen the one at St Erth, it's quite big..

Muddling Through said...

How pretty!

Is that first one a pansy? Johnny Jump Up? I've never seen one that color.

picciolo said...

I've never seen a medlar tree before, it looks stunning! And welcome to your new birds!
: )

Maree: said...

Stunning Photo's...Gorgeous Colours.

faeryfay said...

I just adore your garden! I love the leaves. I have been known to rake half of my street, stealing leaves for mulch for my garden:-)

little women said...

Lovely Annie, I drove down my dad's street in Shepparton and the Manchurian Pear trees in thier autumn glory looked like flames lining the street, all in symetry with the same colour pattern. I wish I had a camera to snap the moment. It was SO beautiful.
p.s may have spelt manchurain wrong! bad Karma to a school teacher. :)

Jenny said...

Thanks for the glorious autumn photos-just beautiful. Hope those reports are coming along-guess what I'm doing this weekend?? Looks like my sewing room will get a big sort out too as the reports lie idle and blank!!!

ozjane said...

if that Medlar tree is ever missing???
I have been wanting one for ages....the fact that I have no room has not really stopped my wanting.

yardage girl said...

Stunning photo's, Annie - the medlar tree is amazing - some macro shots would be fab!! The fruit (?) looks a very interesting shape and colour. Have a great long weekend! Nic